Monday, April 18, 2011

Elle's First Easter Egg Hunt

April 16 Elle got to experience her first Easter egg hunt. We have been practicing for what seems like forever for this moment. Elle's PT is always coming up with creative ways to get Elle to work and lately we have been doing mock egg hunts so Elle could practice on squatting down and picking up an object with just one hand...and not putting both hands down on the ground. Finally on Saturday Elle got to put all of her practice into play for our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. It was so much fun! We went with Elle's friend Maddie. The girls had a good time...but it is so funny to see the difference in the two girls. Maddie ran right up to the Easter Bunny - Elle ran away from the Easter Bunny. Elle enjoyed the egg hunt...Maddie wanted nothing to do with it. Elle loved the fire truck....Maddie still wanted more of the Easter Bunny. They are just so funny! I am so thankful that Elle has a friend across the street to grow up with! I cherish these memories!

And this is how we knew it was time to go home....