Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Little Heart Update

We have known since September of 2010 that Elle's heart was going to need another repair. When Elle had her first open heart surgery, her surgeon came out of the operating room and told us that Elle's pulmonary valve was almost completely restricted and he did his best to repair it but there was no telling how long the repair would last. So we kind of had an inclinition in September of 2009 (after her first open heart surgery) that she would be back sooner rather than later. Well...we got the news a few weeks ago that Elle's next open heart surgery is scheduled for the beginning of July. I'm glad to know that we finally have a date after waiting since September of 2010. Now that we have hit June 1 - that day in July is coming closer and closer. I have chosen not think about the upcoming events - rather trust in my God for his name to be glorified. We pray everynight that God's name will be glorified in all that we do and this is no exception. Of course we pray for Elle's healing and her strength. I'm actually terrified of the recovery. She was only 6 months old for her first repair...she wasn't sitting up yet and she was still a little baby. This recovery is going to be so different. How do you keep a 2 year old down? She knows things now - she knows about doctors and nurses and the blood pressure cuff. She knows about shots and needles. I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get there. Elle is such a super tropper so she will probably surprise us all in how she does during the recovery time. For now though, we are packing in as many things as we possibly can before we will be in the hospital and recovery for the rest of the summer. I spent a few hours (yes hours) a few days ago filling up Elle's social calendar for June....our little lady is a social butterfly! Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we gear up for the next adventure for Elle and her little heart.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Animal Print Friday.....Then and Now

Yep - I still dress Elle in animal print every Friday. It's a tradition...and one I absolutely love so it just has to continue! While I was cleaning up some files I found this picture...

Animal Print Friday - May 28, 2010

Funny enough....this is what Elle wore today (Friday, May 27, 2011)...

No planning on my part - this was just a coincidence...and almost exactly a year apart! Too funny. Today in gym class we had the end of the semester awards ceremony. Elle got a special ribbon that she was sooo proud of! She has therapy immediatelly after gym class and when we strolled in the doors of TCH - Elle immediately went up to all her friends (the employees and front desk staff) and showed them her special ribbon.

Triple Trouble...Maddie, Kayla and Elle...these little ladies are so funny!
Elle loves gym class - but I really think she loves being able to play with Kayla and Maddie...and swing from the uneven bars!