Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Update

September 8, 2011 (9 weeks post surgery) Elle and I headed down to the med center to see her Geneticist, Dr. Lailani. Dr. Lailani is absolutely wonderful and we are so blessed that she is such a caring and involved doctor. The last time Elle saw Dr. Lailani, Dr. L started crying because she was so impressed by all Elle was doing and that was a year ago! We had such a good visit with Dr. L! Elle said her ABCs and counted to 10 and sang "Spoon Full of Sugar" from Mary Poppins. She said her colors and just sat and talked with Dr. Lailani. It always makes me feel so blessed and amazed at how far Elle has come when a doctor vocalizes how impressed she is with Elle. To God to be all glory in this little girl's life!! After our visit with Dr. Lailani, Elle and I headed over to the zoo to eat lunch, see the animals and ride the merry go round. Since her surgery, Elle has had a slight obsession with Mary Poppins so getting to ride the "Mary Poppins merry go round" was a great treat for the little miss!
Friday, September 9, 2011 I took Elle to her first pep rally! Cy-Ranch High School, the high school that our neighborhood goes to and the same school where Elle's Gigi (Lee's aunt Tanya) works was having their homecoming. Elle loved the pep rally and loved watching the girls dance and the band playing. That night, Lee and I took her to her first high school football game. She was decked out in her Cy-Ranch t-shirt thanks to her fabulous Aunt Mel.
Elle and Gigi (tanya)
My old high school band director is the band director for Cy-Ranch and he let Elle help direct the band! She loved it and was telling us "I led the band" for the rest of the night!
Elle and Meme (Lee's grandmother)
Saturday, September 17, 2011 Elle and I met up with Gigi and Vivi and headed to Warrenton to see what type of antiques we could find. The last week in September is the Round Top/Warrenton Antique show and it is massive! Fields and fields of vendors selling anything and everything. They usually start setting up early so we drove out to see if we could find anything good.
While we didn't buy anything, we did find a fabulous park in Carmine, Texas. Who knew that such a little town would have such a great park!
Elle loves her Vivi and her Gigi!
Elle's progress continues to amaze us! Her eating has been wonderful - so good that we have cut down some of her tube feedings. She was getting a tube feed 4x a day every 5 hours but we have cut it down to 3 tube feeds a day. We are back in our full swing of therapies so Elle has physical therapy twice a week, speech therapy once a week and feeding therapy once a week. She is also doing great in her gym class and still has sign language once a week as well. It just continues to boggle my mind that she had open heart surgery just 12 weeks ago! God has a mighty plan for this little one!