Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let Me See Those Peepers!

Sunday, March 29, 2009 - After receiving the phone call this morning from the nurse practitioner about the PIC line - we didn't know what to expect this morning. We got to the NICU and found our little girl sleeping peacefully. She definitely did receive a hair cut - it puts a new twist on the term "high and tight." Lee wouldn't let me take a picture of her new hair cut because it's only on one side of her head - and truth be told - I am ok with that. She's still a perfect little angel. The nurse this morning, Estrella, gave me a piece of tape with Elle's hair attached to it. It's more like fuzz attached to it. After rounds this morning, Estrella told us that they were increasing Elle's feeding from 16cc to 24cc. This is awesome! It's almost 1.5 ounces per feeding. The day was relatively uneventful - which I was so thankful for. One of the highlights of the day was visiting with my friends Jessica and Amber. Jessica brought her video camera - and we might have caught Elle opening her eyes on camera! Jess will have to let me know - and if possible - I will try to post it to the blog. Little Miss Priss is starting to move around a lot more - especially her arms. Her little hands are constantly going and her facial expressions keep me glued to her bedside. She is opening her eyes more and more every day. Right now - her eyes look to be dark dark gray - almost black. Who knows though! We talked to the doctor today about putting in the PIC line and it appears that there is no definite on when radiology will be able to put it in. I was hoping sooner rather than later so Lee and I can hold her. We also received a visit from Carmen, the cardiac surgery nurse. She reassured us that Elle is on their radar for surgery to put the BT Shunt in - but again, there is no definite on when it will happen. She said it may or may not happen next week. Again, I'm praying for surgery sooner rather than later so Elle can begin the healing process. Although - the longer they put it off - the bigger she will be and the "easier" the surgery will be. God will know when Elle's little body is ready and he will direct the surgeons. Today the nurses were able to remove a few of the ivs that were in Elle. She now only has 1 iv going into her bellybutton. Since today is church day - Elle wore her "church bow." Thank you Annalee!! Nurse Estrella also changed Elle's sheets. She is now sleeping soundly on hot pink sheets that are covered with angels. They might be fairies - but I would prefer to think she is being surrounded by angels!

Her haircut is on the other side of her head!

On a different note, please pray for my wonderful hubby. We think he is suffering from a bout with food poisoning. I hate that he isn't feeling good. I wish I could take away his pain just like I wish I could take away Elle's pain and make them both whole! I keep going to one of my favorite verses for strength during this entire ordeal (including Lee's food poisoning)...
Romans 12:11-12
"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."


Emily Morgan said...

It's so nice to see Elle with fewer IVs and tubes! She is such a cutie, especially with the pink bow.

love you guys.

annalee said...

i am in love with elle and her "church bow!"
i hope lee is feeling better and elle and you had a good day too.

Laura said...

Hey sweetheart!! I was actually in tears after reading everything from yesterday afternoon! God is definitely looking over your baby girl, and he must be giving you both the strength that you need during this time because you are absolutely amazing. I love ya'll so much..and am here if you need anything at all.