Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Movin' On Down

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - When Lee and I left the CVICU last night - all I could think about was our poor night nurse. Miss Elle is quite the diva. We had heard that heart babies have tempers and it seems that our little lady definitely lets you know when she's not happy. Our sweet nurse last night was having a field day with Elle before we even left. Elle's nose was blocked up, so she had to suction her a few times - none of which Elle enjoyed. The day nurse had taken off the tape that was around Elle's head - but she threw such a fit that she couldn't remove the rest of the tape that was on her back. Not only did the night nurse have to remove the tape on her back, but she also had to give Elle a bath. Lee and I left before it got too bad. We called early this morning and Elle finally settled down around 11:00pm and slept a few hours. She was wide awake when I got there this morning. The first thing her nurse asked was if I wanted to feed her. What - without a tube? She said that we could go ahead and try to bottle feed her since she does so well with her binky. Her first taste of milk in her mouth was pretty funny. We had put a few drops on her binky when we were trying to get her to start sucking - but this was her first big taste of it. I think she was confused - some of the milk stayed down, but a majority ended up coming out the side of her mouth. We eventually had to put a feeding tube in so Elle could get her first real meal since Sunday night. During rounds in the CVICU, the attending cardiologist, Dr. Rossen, told me that they were ready to move Elle to the NICU. Praise the Lord! Not that I didn't like the CVICU and the doctors and nurses - but Elle was sharing a room with 2 other babies and I just wasn't comfortable in the room with 2 other sets of parents. Around 11:00am they started the process of moving Elle back down to the NICU. It is such a process to watch them unhook everything and then re-hook everything to monitors that travel. Thankfully, Elle was traveling light for this trip - the only medicine she is on is Tylenol with codeine for her pain and aspirin for her heart. It is amazing to me that just 2 days after having her heart messed with - she is doing so well. Babies are so resilient and our Lord is so amazing!! Elle was quite content once she got her morphine at 8:30am and then her milk around 9:30am. She even fell asleep with the binky still in her mouth - no binky bondage to keep that thing in! Elle was moved back to the NICU at noon. From noon to 3:00pm - Estrella, her nurse, Laura - another nurse and myself were trying to get her calmed down. Little Elle was not a happy camper. Laura finally looked at her chart and realized that our poor little baby hadn't received any pain medicine since 8:30am. No wonder she was such a grouch! They gave her some Tylenol with codeine in it and she fell asleep within 20 minutes. Poor kiddo has been run through the ringer and she isn't even a month old! I am praying that she continues to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. She hadn't slept much all day - and she needs her rest! I think the tentative plan is to take the drainage tube out of her side sometime tomorrow. I can't wait for that thing to come out so I can hold her! Dr. Rossen said that we will be in the NICU until Elle can breathe and eat at the same time. After that we will be moved to the 15th floor for about a week and then we will be home! I was emailing Lee this morning while all the plans for moving were going on and his response was "I'm kinda nervous - everything is happening so fast." It really is - but as I sit here watching her stats (I'm sitting down so I can't see her precious little face) - I marvel at the work our Lord is doing. He has a plan for this little one - a mighty plan.
Isaiah 25:1
"O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago."


Mark Lupher said...

As I remembered Sweet Elle's (swell's) nose last night before going to bed, I kept thinking of the show "The Ten Commandments" where Moses (Charleston Heston) had all the people at the Red Sea. A little Boy sitting on his Grandfathers lap was telling the old man about how the Red Sea was parting. And the old man said to the little Boy That God parts the sea with one blast of his nostril. Boy Swell's got 2 nostrils now, we had better watch out! God Bless his little Angel.

Love always

mrsrubly said...

movin on up~go elle. i am happy to see that she is recovering.

amy johnson said...

I am so happy to hear that Elle is healing just like she should!! She looks fabulous, like a picture of health!! (even if it took some help :)) I am so happy for her and your family. We are keeping her in our prayers, and of course you guys too!!

ellen charge said...

what an amazing little fighter ay jsut like all our chargers in time ull grow to know many kids with special needs r the same and a good thing to look at all we go thru hugs

Angela said...

Way to go, Swell!! We continue to pray for a quick recovery. Give her kisses for us!

Ken & Angie

cheryl said...

I sit here every day reading your blog, inspired by your faith and in awe of your strength. It's my prayer today, as you gaze upon "Swell" marveling at God's handiwork, that you would literally, physically feel His arms wrapping you up! Our Creator is most loving! God bless you for always seeking Him!!!
Love you, Cheryl

Katie Zell said...

We're so excited to read that Little Miss Elle is heading down to the NICU!! Soon enough she will be home!! We keep up with the blog multiple times a day to see how she's doing! Thank you so much Lee & Lisha for keeping this blog updated and allowing everyone to know what's going on with such a special little girl! You guys are always on our minds!

Katie & Andrew

Erin DuBroc said...

so glad to hear things are going well with her procedures!

Angela said...

Little Elle is so cute, hope she gets to come home soon.

Ashley said...

GO ELLE! What a trooper! You guys are and will continue to be in my prayers. God is great!


amy said...

Look at those sweet sweet eyes! Praying for little Elle (and Mom and Dad) everyday!
Amy (Bromley) Owen