Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tuesday, April 1, 2009 - This morning, Lee and I made the trek from Cypress to TCH at 5:00am. We wanted to be here early in case they decided to do the PIC at 7:00am. When we got here, Elle was the most active she has been since her birth. Both her eyes were open and in the 3 hours we spent with her - she mastered her pacifier. It was too cute to watch her - she would suck for a few seconds and then stop and then suck for a few seconds and then stop. Lee and I took turns holding it in her mouth - she did so good! At 8:45am this morning, the CV Anesthesiologist came down to talk to us. He explained the procedure - once they had Elle sedated, they were going to look for good veins using the x-ray machine and then insert the IV into her vein and use the x-ray to follow her vein to right above her heart. They were hoping to find good veins in her arms to use - and then last resort would be to go in through her leg. The CV Anesthesiologist was an incredibly nice man and put Lee and me to ease. At 9:30am - the CV Anesthesiologist and a nurse came down to get her. They unhooked all her machines and then re-hooked her back up to machines that they could take with them to Radiology. It was easier to watch them transfer all the wires this time than it was the first time we watched them unhook her for the MRI. The only tough part was watching them put the bag on her little face and then watch the Anesthesiologist continuously pump it while we traveled from the 4th floor to the 1st floor. We got to Radiology and they took her inside and hooked her up while Lee and I watched. We were able to give her a kiss and then we had to leave. They said it would take about an hour - so Lee and I are hanging out in the Ronald McDonald House until she gets back. The Ronald McDonald house is now affectionately known as the Ro Ho - I'm sure if I referred to it as the Ro Ho to anyone outside of the hospital - they would think I am crazy! I just called down to the NICU and she isn't back yet. Dear Lord, please protect our little girl. Earlier today, Mary the Cardiologist (I feel awkward referring to her by her first name - but I have no idea what her last name is!) told us that Elle is tentatively scheduled to be the second operation tomorrow. We will be meeting with Dr. Morales, the Cardiologist that will be doing the surgery at 9:00am tomorrow morning to discuss what will be happening. Pray without ceasing!


Queenie said...
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Meredith said...

I was an ADPi in college and our sorority's philanthropy was the Ronald McDonald house here....and I have never met such loving and caring people in my life. I know you must feel comforted there. Let us know if the surgery is definitely scheduled for tomorrow at 9am. Will send out an update to my bible study prayer group on the time to PRAY tomorrow!

Lori said...

I am so happy to see that she finally got to use a blanket. That was really bugging me.
You are all in our prayers and are thinking of you constantly. Thank you so much for the daily updates. Keep'em coming.