Monday, April 13, 2009

Room With a View

April 13, 2009 - Lee and I just went up and saw Elle. No parent should have to see their child in the state we just saw Elle. She is sedated and paralyzed for the next few hours. They will begin to bring her out of sedation tomorrow sometime assuming that everything looks okay with her stats. I can't saw that I am surprised with how she looked - I had prepared myself to see our little baby out cold with wires and tubes coming out of her. Lee and I are so thankful that everything went as planned and she is out of surgery. All in all, Elle looks good and stable. She has one nurse that will be by her side for her time during her stay in the CVICU. I like that ratio - one nurse for every baby. The worst part of the whole CVICU are the monitors that are constantly beeping. She is in good hands - not just the doctors and nurses - but our Lord!


Amber said...

Lisha and Lee,
Glad to hear that everything went well with the surgery. She is a tough little girl and she will get better each and every day. I am giving hugs through the computer because I cant be there to give you one in person. I will continue to pray for Elle. Please let us know if you need anything.


amy johnson said...

I am so happy to hear Elle made it through her surgery with no big bumps in the road!! I know it hurts your heart to see her attached to numerous machines and to have all the medication around her, but it is only temporary!! She will be on her own before you know it and the best part of all of this is that she won't remember a thing. You two will always remember how she looks right now, but the memories will fade. It is truly amazing what the littlest people can withstand. When Olivia had her full repair she was home 6 days later. So, the count down is on for you, I hope you have everything ready for her at home because she will be HOME before you know it :) Yeah Elle, she is now part of the elite club of kiddo's that have had open heart surgery. Thank God for TCH!!!

cheryl said...

We've been praying for you and sweet, sweet Elle! I'm so thankful that the surgery went so well. Praise God for giving us such capable doctors! Tonight, I specifically pray that you are able to get some rest.
And, Miss Elle was simply gorgeous in her Easter dress! Such a blessing that you were able to dress her up on such a special day!
We love you guys!
Cheryl & Michael

Mark Lupher said...

As we waited for Elle to come out of surgery, All I could do is thank GOD for this little Angel and giving her to Lee and Lisha to raise her in his likeness. I asked GOD to place his hands over Dr. Morales as he performed this surgery. Lady Elle has been through so much in the last week with the pic line , nose surgery and now the heart surgery. She is GOD's trooper and as I visited with her just before 9:00 PM tonight she gave me the ol pirate left eye open to let me know she's okay and will recover nicely. Thank you GOD for this blessing.

Love that Elle Belle

amanda said...

I am so glad that she is doing well. Jake does such a good job too keeping us updated.
I can't imagine how hard it must be a parent to feel the way you must be feeling right now, but your faith is amazing and you are right...the Lord is there watching over her. She is an angel, a miracle and she WILL make it through. My prayers are with you all daily. I can't wait to see her again!!

KMMitchell said...

Lupher Family,

Miss Elle is absolutely beautiful! She is in the loving and concerned thoughts and prayers of so many. Her continued care and healing will be in my prayers daily.

-Kristen (Black) Mitchell and Family

annalee said...

i'm so sorry you had to see her in such a state, but i'm so thankful she is out of surgery and on the road to recovery. what a blessing miss elle is to so many already! love y'all.