Thursday, April 23, 2009

Skin to Skin and Revenge Again

Update on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 - Yesterday was a great day. My mom, dad and I got to Elle's bedside early in the morning. The first thing we were told was that our little miss would be going for an Upper GI that morning to check her insides. They told us it was scheduled for 9:00am - and sure enough they came for her at 9:00am. That was definitely a first for a procedure! My mom and I got to sit in the room while they did the Upper GI. It was really cool to watch on the screen while they injected the barium into her stomach and then her throat. Her stomach and intestines look good. She has reflux but we were told that was relatively normal. They did the Upper GI to check to be sure everything looked good for the feeding tube. Everything looks good - so we are set for Elle to get the feeding tube next week sometime. At noon, Elle and I were able to spend some quality time together. The doctors and nurses encourage the moms to spend as much time as possible with their babies - if their babies are well enough. Since Elle is having some difficulty eating, Karen suggested to the doctors that we try non nutritive nursing. They agreed - so Elle and I tried non nutritive nursing yesterday. It was so special - my mom was there. She cried - I cried - Karen might have cried... it was a pretty emotional few hours for us - only because it was so special. Elle got the hang of it for a few seconds - but then she just got too tired. She fell asleep on my chest. She is so tiny!! I loved every minute of it. Since it was Karen's last night with Elle - we got Lee to bring up some clothes so we could play dress up with our little princess. I'm sure Lee thought it was ridiculous - but he indulged us and picked up some of Elle's clothes on his way up to the hospital after work. Yep - we dressed Elle up in animal prints. She was the most stylish baby on the cardiac block! Later on the evening, I walked into the NICU after visiting Witt to find some "revenge" hanging from Elle's crib. My dad had hung one of my future golf trophies fromt he end of Elle's bed - so Vickie needed to find something perfect for a future ballerina. Grandma Vickie (Vivi) with the help of her sister, Tanya, finally found the perfect out fit for our princess. Two outfits perfect for a future ballerina! Not only was yesterday dress up day - it was also bath night. I wasn't feeling well, so I asked Vickie and Lee's aunt Tanya if they wanted to give our little princess a bath. They jumped at the chance and did such a good job!! Vivi and Gatty (Great Aunt Tanya) handled bath time like pros - I don't think Elle even cried! It was such a wonderful day. Praise the Lord that Elle is continuing to get stronger and improve on a daily basis!

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Becky Mc said...

If those leopard print shoes don't make you smile then you just don't have fun! Too cute! She is so precious and I am loving the dress up wars.