Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, it’s been a month……we’re still here, but hold on, is that light I see?

Nose clogged setback Sunday is over.....Now its Monday.....and she can BREATHE! Monday greeted us with a great nurse, plenty of baby beauty rest and dirty diapers! The doctors feel that Elle is doing very well, besides the whole taking a bottle issue. I guess for now we wait for our next step. It sounds like they will continue to work on Elle's feedings through the end of the week then devise a plan to get her out of the NICU. Now we wait, hope and pray that she will learn to take a bottle.

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Emily Morgan said...

That's great news that she's doing a lot better!! I'm sure she'll master the bottle soon enough.

I will be flying in this Friday afternoon for the summer. Hopefully I can stop by and see little Miss Elle!!

<3 Emily