Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blurry Days

Update from Tuesday, May 19 - Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - WOW! I am still in shock that we have almost been out of the hospital for a week now. I spent the day today scheduling Elle's follow up appointments with all our various doctors. We are booked for the next month with doctor's visits! Lee wanted me to post a picture of Elle's scar from her first heart surgery. You can see her scar underneath her arm. It's healing very well but we will see what the cardiologist has to say when we see him next week. Tuesday and today have been relatively uneventful days. Elle likes to stay up all day long which means little rest for me! Thankfully my mom comes and helps during the day and our wonderful neighbors are making us dinner every other night. We are so thankful for everything!! I never realized the amount of laundry and dishes it would require once we got Elle home! This is insane! I absolutely hate a dirty kitchen and stuff all over the counter tops - but I can't even see our counter tops right now because they are hidden under bottles and syringes (all clean of course)! As soon as I put everything up - it seems like the sink is full again!! I'm confident that we will soon get into a better routine and I will be able to spend some quality time cleaning out cabinets and make room for all Elle's accessories. Since she came a few weeks early, the cleaning out of the kitchen cabinets to make room for the bottles didn't get marked off the to do list. Last night was the first night we let Elle sleep in her pack n play in our room. Since Thursday night I have been sleeping on the floor in her room. For those of you that know me - it is not surprising that I was sleeping on the floor...I have a tendency to do that. The night went ok - so we will see how tonight goes. I am so scared that I will get too comfortable and not wake up to feed her! Lee and I have a system - he takes the 9:00pm feeding -I get the midnight and 3:00am and Lee gets the 6:00am. It's worked out great so far! Please pray for Elle's cousin, Witt. He had a g-tube put in yesterday by the same surgeon that put in Elle's. He also had the same anesthesiologist that Elle had for her nose surgery. We're keeping it in the family! He's still recovering from the surgery and will be for the next few days. You can follow his progress at

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amy johnson said...

It is so crazy how such little people require so many gadgets!! That post brings me back to the days when the twins came home, they were on apnea monitors and Olivia had a pulse ox machine. It all eventually goes away, but the mess is forever :) Elle is looking great and I am so happy that things are moving forward the way they are supposed to for your family. You will blink and she will be celebrating her first birthday, enjoy these days, as crazy as they are, you will miss them one day :)