Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elle Meets Witt

I figured I would post this separately because my post about today was sooo long - but today Elle got to meet her very fabulous and famous cousin - Witt! It was pretty exciting considering all that Elle and Witt have been through and of course their first meeting had to be in the hospital. There is a great video on Witt's blog - Karen did a great job of capturing the moment on camera!


Katie Zell said...

You four look so wonderful! What beautiful babies you and Melanie have! I can't wait to meet my new little cousins! Andrew and I are coming to Texas for Thanksgiving...hopefully we can get together and I can meet little miss Elle and Witt!

Love you all!

Jessica said...

They are both soooo cute and already look like the closest cousins. I can't wait to see Elle after the six weeks of quarentine, but we will see you when we bring you dinner. I miss seeing you and Mr. Lee, now that we are back in Houston.

Love and miss you!!!