Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ode to the 80's

It seems our little princess can only wear tube socks. Her little legs start going a mile a minute and before we know it - both socks have been flung off and are no where to be found! Lee finally had enough of the disappearing socks so he found the tallest pair of tube socks that would fit her and wouldn't you know it - the socks stayed on for the entire day...that was definitely a first. Of course, the socks aren't the most fashionable things for our little diva to wear - I think she looks like a basketball player from the 80's!

This past Memorial Day weekend was peaceful to say the least. We didn't do anything! I wish I could say that I was super productive but the answer to that is going to be a resounding no. I did spend Saturday morning with 2 of my wonderful friends who treated me to a manicure and pedicure. Thank you Angelle and Jess!! I definitely needed to get out of the house for a bit. Elle is slowly but surely figuring out the bottle. She is now averaging 20cc with every feed so that is awesome! She has also figured out that if she cries - she gets picked up - so she is pretty much held the entire day. Lee kept asking me over the weekend if she usually cried as much as she did. I could only respond that she's a baby and babies cry! Maybe she doesn't like watching HGTV or the Style channel all day and is just voicing her displeasure with a non stop onslaught of Design on a Dime and Clean House!!

I want to thank my wonderful friend Annalee for our amazing blog re-design. It is fabulous..and designed by Fabulous K Creative. I almost cried when I saw the finished product - it is wonderful!!! I told Annalee I wanted a blog that was "happy" and I definitely think she and the wonderful designers of Fabulous K delivered!! Thank you soooo much!!


evwmom said...

oh I went to a site recently that has adorable leggings, etc. Let me think about it and I will get back to ya.

evwmom said...

got it- www.babylegs.net
real cute stuff to keep em warm! =)

Alyssa and Trey said...

I'm so glad to hear she is doing better each day with her feedings! She will get there soon enough! Love the new blog design! My prayers are still with you guys!

Jessica said...

The more she eats with a bottle, the closer she'll get to eating with a bottle all the time. That is so great. Can't wait for her to get out of quarentine.
Love you guys

Stephanie A said...

love the new blog :) lish i must say i am a little jealous you wouldnt go with me for a pedi!!! ok ok i forgive you but next time i want a date! i miss you :(

Becky Mc said...

Love the tube socks!!! She is growing so much. Too cute. I can't wait for you to be out of quarantine so I can finally meet the little princess.

amanda said...

Analee.......................... will you design my blog too???
Luphers, I haven't sent you a warm fuzzy in a while. Thinking of you!! And I am so happy to watch her grow. She is such a beautiful, precious miracle!
love A
seriously......please fix my page on my blog!