Monday, May 11, 2009

One Day Closer

Monday, May 11, 2009 - We are one day closer to going home! The doctors came in this morning and raved over how Elle is doing without the oxygen on. They even felt comfortable enough that they took the tape off her face where they taped the oxygen tubes. Her face is now officially tube free!! The meeting this morning with the doctors was different than any other one because we started talking about pediatricians and follow up visits. The plan is to have us out of here before the end of the week. However, they also said they wouldn't release us until pedi surgery gave their blessing on letting us go home. Dr. Edmonds called this afternoon and will be coming by later on this week to discuss Elle's hearing. She will be having a hearing test either tomorrow or Wednesday. We are praying that Elle has her hearing!! Please pray for our little angel! Little Princess stayed up practically all day. She slept for about 2 hours but other than that - she was up all day. She is such a happy little baby - smiling the whole day and looking all around with her big eyes. She just seems to absorb everything that is going on around her. I loved it!! I love having mom and daughter time everyday where we can sit on the couch together and look out the window. Those times are so special to me. I think I laugh and smile the whole day just looking at her! Everyday she gets the hiccups - but today I caught them on video. I think everything she does is just too cute!


After Elle's eventful day of cloud watching and lots of tummy time, she is plum tuckered out! Maybe she will stay asleep tonight!


Lisa said...

She just gets cuter and cuter with every picture you post!

mrsrubly said...

WIRE FREE~yeah...she's gorgeous! good luck one down, hopefully not too many to go!

amy johnson said...

your little lady is absolutly ADORABLE!!! She looks like a different baby without her oxygen and tape. I am so proud of her and her progress, she is the picture of health and you would never know what she has been through looking at her. You guys are doing a great job dealing with the hand you have been delt, and won't it be great to do normal mommy and baby things like taking a nap on your couch!! She will thrive once she is at home. Yeah Elle, your in the home stretch :)

evwmom said...

so exciting to know she will be home soon!! I am interested about the hearing test, can you go with her for it?? I know that will be down the road for us, but I was just wondering.