Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Testimony

During our stay in the hospital, Lee and I received many comments on how we handled our situation. Not just through the blog or via email, but people would come up to us in the NICU, CVICU and the 15th floor and comment on how we handled Elle and Elle's situation. I guess I just assumed that any other set of parents would have acted the same way - but I guess not. In one particular instance, one of the wonderful people in the NICU came up to Lee and I and told us that she wanted to commend us on our attitudes surrounding Elle's condition. I told her that we had known while I was pregnant that Elle would have congenital heart disease so we had prepared ourselves for whatever the Lord gave to us after birth. She said that in all her years of working with sick children, we stood out. Our family stood out. Not everyone reacts to their baby's situation in the same way we did - even those that knew about the condition prenatally. We told her that a long time ago, we gave our pregnancy over to the Lord. It is what it is and we can't change the situation by being upset - we have to live in the moment and live in the glory of what God created. He created our perfect little angel and yes she does have medical conditions - but she is EXACTLY how God intended her - and how can anyone be upset about that?! We were even asked to speak with another mom whose baby was born with the same condition as Elle. Our nurse wanted this particular mom to be comforted by us and in her words "Y'all have been so strong and encouraging I want her to meet you and see your strength." We all (our parents and Lee and myself) had the strength and courage to face each day in the hospital (and everyday for that matter) because of our faith in the Lord. By everyone's reactions to us - I'm thinking that we were living testimony of the wonderful things He has done! Granted, there are times where it hurts and there is no way to hide that. There are times where I question why this has happened to us. But it is pointless to even think like that because we will never get an answer. I say that - but I think Lee and I did get an answer as to why everything has happened the way it has happened. Before we left the hospital, we were visited by someone who has come to mean a lot to Elle, Lee and myself. She is one of the most compassionate, kind, beautiful people that has come into our lives. We have been so blessed to have known her. She came to see us and after a few minutes of catching up, she told us that in the near future, she and her husband will be traveling down a very similar road as what Lee and I have traveled. She wanted to know how we did it. How did we keep up such a good attitude - how did we exude the faith and how did we cope with having a baby with heart problems. We told her that when we found out about Elle's issues when I was pregnant - we gave everything over to the Lord. It's one thing to talk the talk of being a Christian - but it is an entirely different thing to walk the walk. There was a distinct change in our lives when Lee and I said - ok Lord - we trust you completely. You and You alone are in charge of our lives. After that, we had such a peace about everything. I had the most joyous pregnancy and everyday in the hospital (even the really bad days) were proof of God's wonderful will. Our wonderful friend seemed to take comfort in what we said. We talked for a while and I was so thankful we were able to see her before leaving. Everything happens for a reason. We weren't discharged on Wednesday like the doctors originally wanted because if we would have left Wednesday night, we would not have been able to give our testimony to our wonderful friend. She wasn't working on Wednesday. We weren't discharged until late in the day because the Lord wanted our paths to cross one more time. Had we been discharged early in the day like we wanted, we would not have been able to give our testimony to our friend. We were given our special baby so that we would meet this wonderful person. I firmly believe that we were put in the situation we have been put in to touch our new friends life. She has the power to touch so many lives and by us touching her life, she will be able to give comfort to so many families that are going through situations similar to what Lee and I are going through. While I have tried to not ask why this has all happened to us - I know for a fact that we were meant to be Elle's parents - we were meant to meet our new friend and we were meant to touch her heart. We were meant to be at TCH and we were meant to be there for as long as we were. We were meant to have the attitudes we have and we were meant to have our lives completely changed by a diagnosis early in our pregnancy. Our lives are proof of God's perfect plan. While it might not seem perfect on the outside - it is! It is so freeing and wonderful to have that faith that we are not in control! We serve an almighty Lord - one who already has the plans for our life mapped out. I praise God for everything that has happened to Elle, Lee and myself and I thank him for giving us the most perfect baby we could ever ask for!!


Jean Beyer said...

Wow, Lisha. Thank you!

annalee said...

what a testimony indeed! your smile each day encourages me. i love seeing miss elle in her home. praise God for this day! love y'all.

Becky Mc said...

I think Elle looks happier at home! She is so absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet her.