Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surgery Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 - Elle woke up at 6:00am - bright eyed. I was so thankful for this because it meant we got to spend some quality time with her before she went down for surgery. Lee had her in her boppy on the couch/bed and had her propped up so she could see outside. She loved every minute of it! Of course, I had to have some fun too! According to Nina Garcia in her book "The One Hundred" - every fashionable lady must have a pair of aviator sunglasses. seems our little princess is starting young marking off the list of top 100 necessities! She is just too cool! Since I have been praying that today would mark the end of the stints, when Lee suctioned Elle's nose as 9:00am, I had to capture the moment on film. I also managed to capture some on video. When Elle's nose is stuffed, she sounds like she is blowing a horn! We took Elle down to surgery around 10:45am. They let us carry her down instead of wheeling her down in her crib. When we got to the surgery floor, the first person we saw was Dr. Hall, the CV anesthesiologist that did her anesthesia for her heart surgery. It was such a relief to see him and a familiar face! He saw us from down the hall and almost yelled - "I got you guys today!" Lee and I waited in a room with Elle while they got the operating room ready for her. Lee was able to meet Dr. Wesson and they went over the procedure one more time. Dr. Hall went over all the anesthesia with us too. I lost track of time yesterday, but I think the surgery started around noon after Dr. Hall had the anesthesia taken care of. Dr. Wesson finished his part around 1:00pm and said that everything went well and that Dr. Edmonds was doing his stuff. I have no idea what time it was when Dr. Edmonds rounded the corner in the waiting room and said the most glorious two words I have ever heard "they're out!" I almost started crying when he said that. The stints were removed completely! Thank you Lord!!! I believe he also said "it worked!" because Lee and I think this was his first time to put in stints like how he had Elle's. Usually the stints he puts in are two separate tubes in each nostril. Elle had one long tube that was in the shape of a "u" with tiny holes cut in the end for the catheter. It was such great news! He said that we did great taking care of them - THANK YOU KAREN!!!! Dr. Edmonds seemed to be just as excited as we were! After surgery they took Elle up to the CVICU. We waited until they had her all set up and finally got a chance to go and see our little baby. She looked massive in the little bed they had her in! They had her sedated and will keep her sedated through the night and then slowly start to bring her out of sedation. She was on a breathing machine and they will also slowly start to take her off the breathing machine. We should be back on the 15th floor on either Thursday or Friday and then hopefully home in about a week! Please pray for a speedy recovery for our little angel!


Paul and Amanda Bretherton said...

So glad that the surgery went well!

annalee said...

praise God!

Mark Lupher said...

No more customized hood scoop with the turbo tubes? Praise God. That means a little more tummy time for Lady L.