Friday, May 8, 2009

Update for Thursday, May 7 and Friday, May 8, 2009 - Our poor little Elle had a very sore throat on Thursday. They pulled the breathing tube on Thursday morning and put her on a nasal cannula. This was her first time to have oxygen actually go through her nose! She spent Thursday coming out of sedation and being weened off of her medications after surgery. She was absolutely pitiful and wanted everyone to know about it. She wouldn't cry - but she was definitely voicing her displeasure with having a sore throat and wanting to eat.



Lee and I thought we would be moved back to 15 on Thursday, but I am glad they let her recover for an additional day in CVICU. I absolutely loved the nurse we had today. Thursday night was uneventful - we managed to get Elle to sleep before we left for the evening and the nurse said she slept off and on for the rest of the night. We called at 5:00am this morning to check on her and the nurse said she was sleeping....I guess a lot can change in 2 hours, because when I walked in to her room at 7:00am this morning, she was not a happy camper. Poor thing was just so hungry and wasn't being fed anything! We had to wait for Dr. Wesson to come and look at her g-tube before they would begin to feed Elle pedialyte. At noon we were moved from CVICU back onto the 15th floor. As we were making our way from the elevators to our new room, all of the doctors and nurses wanted to come and see Elle without her stents in. Our wonderful nurse from CVICU made the comment that Elle sure was one popular baby. Heck yeah she is! We wouldn't expect anything else!! Dr. Ocampo, one of the attending cardiologist, told us that Elle was the most visited baby and most popular baby in the NICU. Of course she was!! Finally at 3:00pm Dr. Wesson stopped by and checked out Elle. He gave the ok to start her on pedialyte. She will be on incremental feeds of pedialyte today and will hopefully start milk through her feeding tube tomorrow. Occupational therapy should also start again tomorrow so we can continue to work with her on taking a bottle. We will also begin non nutrative nursing. Even though we elected to have the feeding tube put in, we still want her to work on suck, swallow and breathing. The feeding tube isn't exactly what I expected but then again, I didn't know what to expect. It really is a long tube coming out of her stomach. There is an "adapter" attached to the end where it can be capped off when she isn't being fed. This long tube is just temporary for about a month. After about a month, we will come back and the long tube will be replaced by the actual "button." Again, I have no idea what to expect. Once Elle finally got something in her belly, she settled in to her new room. She was staring at her monitors - amazed to see them again. It is so weired to hear the beeps and alarms since she had been off everything for a few days before her g-tube surgery. Elle finally fell asleep around dinner time. She sure is a chunky monkey - I just love that little double chin!! Our little angel is such a wonderful blessing! We are so lucky and blessed!!


Megan said...

Lisha, the top picture looks just like you! Elle is just adorable. Things seem to be going well. The Fasts are always thinking about you guys. Still praying. Look forward to meeting Miss Elle!

evwmom said...

Just came across your blog, I am praying for your adorable little princess. I will add you to my tough cookie roll on my blog too! My son is currently on continuous feeds through a tube in his nose. After surgery we will see if he needs to continue with that with a mic key button. I am so scared, please continue posting.

Mark Lupher said...

Thank God for David and Anne that you gave us Lisha to share in our lives because without her we wouldn't have our little princess ELLE. Her Eyes say everything and GOD will work through her eyes. Lisha have a very special Mothers Day! God Bless!

Shannon said...


I hope your first Mother's Day is as wonderful as you are. Elle is so lucky to have you as mother, she will learn to be a gracious, loving, and wonderful person from you for certain. I am blessed continually to have you as a friend! :) Happy Mommy's Day!

Swift Family said...

Lisha, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you had a great day!

Jessica said...

Mrs. Lisha,
I hope you had a great first mother's day and the videos you put on the blog are adorable. Does always make that cute noise since the stents were taken out? It just makes me smile.