Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mini Raspberries

Ever since the day we found out that Elle had to figure out how to breathe out of her mouth because her nose was completely blocked - we have said she is such a smart little girl. She didn't give up and just decide to stop breathing - she figured out how to breathe out of her mouth until the doctors clued in and helped her start breathing with the help of a breathing tube. My mom calls her gifted and talented. There are certain things that we work on everyday. One of the things that we do is when I am finished changing her diaper - I blow raspberries by her face and then tell her it is her turn. She just stares up at me like she is trying to figure out what I am doing so she can do it too. She also stares at my hands and my moms hands as we sign to her. I just know she is absorbing everything that we are doing. The other day I was blowing raspberries by her and she figured out how to do it! Lee asked me if I thought she was really mimicking me - and I really do. I think she is such a smart little girl! Please ignore my annoying voice and crooked attempt at a video!


Natalie said...

I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I enjoy reading about your wonderful family. And for the record, I totally think that little Elle was blowing raspberries at her Mama. Smart girl!

annalee said...

dear elle,
i agree with your momma, you are one smart girl!!!
love you,

Jessica said...

Of course she is smart, look at who her parents are!!

Love ya'll,
Angie P.

John and Kelly said...

I just found your blog today - I bet with a 2 month old you are pretty busy. but your love for your daughter, your fight for her life and your obvious love for the Lord drew me to you and your story. I would love to chat with you by email.
Our blog is
Blessing to you.