Saturday, August 29, 2009

Animal Print Friday

I love Fridays! It's occupational therapy day and 1 day closer to the weekend which means Lee is home and we can spend some quality time together as a family. Elle usually crashes around 7:00pm - so he doesn't get to spend that much time during the week with her while she is awake. They are outside right now hanging out on the patio - enjoying some quality daddy daughter time. I think a walk as a family is in our immediate future ( I say that because the dogs need to expel some very pent up energy). We might need to save this onesie until she gets a little bigger. It swallowed her - but she still looked too cute! I had to promptly change her after the picture was taken because she spit up. It was totally my fault too because I put her down too quickly after she finished eating. Baby with relux + laying down flat after eating = spit up everywhere! One would think I would have learned by now!!

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