Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Truly Blessed

Lee and I are truly blessed. We have a beautiful angel for a daughter. We have family that we love and we have the most amazing friends. Three of my wonderful friends came in this past weekend to spend the weekend with us. Meghan (Auntie Megs) came in from Colorado and Aunt Shay and Aunt Eldy (Laura D) came in from Mississippi. After dropping the last one off at the airport on Sunday I cried the whole way home. The drive is long so between sob fests I started to think how I was going to describe the events of the weekend. It dawned on me that I would share some of the things I was thanking the Lord for as I drove...
Thank you Lord for my wonderful friends who sacrifice to come and visit us from all over the United States

(Megs, Shay, myself and Laura after a day of shopping at Ikea - I love that place!) Thank you Lord for friends who enjoy Animal Print Friday as much as I do

Thank you Lord for friends who cater to my daughter's every need and support her clothes habit
(Elle was dressed all weekend in clothes that Auntie Megs brought her!)
Thank you Lord for friends who make me laugh so hard I cry
Thank you Lord for friends who wash my clothes, clean my fridge, clean my kitchen, clean out my car and take care of Elle so I can dry my hair completely and put on makeup

Thank you Lord for friends who stay up late with me so we can feed Elle and then stay up hours after that talking

Thank you Lord for friends who dive into Key Lime Pie with me at 2:00am
Thank you Lord for friends who tell me like it is
Thank you Lord for friends who love Elle so much

Thank you Lord for friends who know when to listen and know when to talk
Thank you Lord for friends who are perfectly content renting a movie and taking late afternoon naps
Thank you Lord for friends who inspire me
Thank you Lord for friends that have wonderful talents I don't have
Thank you Lord for friends who carry on conversations even when they are completely asleep
Thank you Lord for my wonderful husband who made us the best breakfast ever on Saturday morning and then left for the deer lease so we could have a girls weekend
Thank you Lord for window shopping and real shopping and impromptu trips to the outlet mall 30 minutes before they close (we still managed to go to 3 stores in 30 minutes)

(Eldy, Elle, myself and Shay after dropping Megs off at the airport...we're smiling because my parents had mimosas waiting for us when we got to their house...)
Thank you Lord for wonderful weekends with my beautiful daughter and beautiful friends. I am so truly blessed!


Grma Anna said...

Lisha: God has truly given you such sweet friends. I thank God for each one of those beautiful girls that came into your life at
Ole Miss and will continue to be there through thick and thin.

Shannon said...

ah I love this blog!!!! We are so blessed and what a fun weekend. It's gonna take me a week to catch up on sleep and to run off all that BBQ/mexican/key lime pie/pecan pie/brownies/hamburgers/beer/breakfast burritos...but it was totally worth it! I forgot what it felt like to laugh so hard I cry...ahhh I love you girls. Thanks for the belly laughs!