Thursday, September 24, 2009

Games (Waiting) People Play

What do I do when every Friday for the past few months Elle has worn animal prints in honor of Animal Print Friday? Why color diapers for her to wear while she is in the CVICU of course! Maybe I should patent my cool would zebra print diapers be? I know I would save all my coupons for cool looking diapers. To pass the time - we had a little coloring contest. I had some of Elle's diapers with me so we (Vickie, my mom and myself) decided to have a coloring contest to see who could create the best animal print diapers for Elle to wear tomorrow. I sent a picture of all our beautiful masterpieces to our favorite artist, Shannon Jex. Who better to decide the winner than an actual artist?!

Here is Shannon's response (which brought much needed laughter to the waiting room): The decision was harder than anticipated but here is what the esteemed judge decided. After a long deliberation, 3 pots of coffee and a nerd rope... Diaper 1 wins Best All Around! Not only was there a strong graphical usage but there was also a stylists text element present that really tied it all together. I also have a soft spot in my heart for lady bugs..and Elle Belle is such a lady already with her massive head wear and footwear collection. Diaper 2 wins Most Creative! Way to think outside the box plus that is cuter than what comes printed on the diaper...I will make a call into Huggies. Diaper 3 wins Most Glamorous! I have a feeling this is Lisha's because of the style element and good use of space. She has always been a whiz with those sharpies (since she had 58 of them in college to practice with) plus thanks to a certain pair of zebra pants we had freshman year of college - the print is very accurate! Diaper 4 wins Best Theme! Rattle rattle here come Elle! Since the surgery is in Texas, I think the cow print is very fitting. Also, contrary to a onesie I saw her wearing the other day, she will not be attending U of H (or Rice) - she will be a Phi MOOOO at Ole Miss! Good work contestants! And luckily Elle goes through a lot of diapers so all of the winning diapers will be awarded a moment in time on the coveted GOLDEN HINEY! Love all you, Nationally Known Diaper Drawing Judge Shannon Jex Note: We had a late entrant to the competition - Big Daddy Mark entered his Animal Print Friday design just now...he drew a panda on his diaper for Elle! Even while sedated, she is STILL going to be stylish


Becky Mc said...

What a creative bunch you are!! I love the idea and definitely think you should get a patent started now so no one else steals your idea!

So happy the surgery went well. I'll keep praying for all of you for an easy and quick recovery.

annalee said...

i LOVE this. what a creative way to pass the time.
been reading each and every update and rejoicing with today's success!

Amber Schmidt said...

This is some of the best fun I have seen!!!! You rock!