Monday, September 7, 2009


Elle watching the Rebels beat the Memphis Tigers
It's hard to believe this wonderful Labor Day weekend is almost over! This weekend marked the beginning of one of my most favorite times of the year - COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON! I love college football - more specifically - I love SEC football. Yesterday was the first game for my Ole Miss Rebels and Elle and I were glued to the television for the first 3 quarters. Picking up her meds before the pharmacy closed was more important than watching my Rebels soundly beat the Memphis Tigers. I was screaming and chanting Hotty Toddy's to the television - all the while trying to decide what version of the Ole Miss cheer leading outfit will look best on Elle. Jevean Snead (Ole Miss's quarterback) threw 2 interceptions during the first half and Elle started crying during them. I couldn't tell if she was as upset with Snead as I was or if it was my screaming that caused her tears. Either way, I hope that one day our little princess loves her Rebels as much as we do (not that I will be pushing her to attend the University of Mississippi or anything)! Hotty Toddy is the "battle cry" of the University of Mississippi. It starts off by someone yelling - Are you Ready? The response is "Hell Yeah, Damn Right, Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty - who the hell are we? Flim Flam Bim Bam - Ole Miss by damn!" I thought long and (and not so) hard about it and Elle won't be saying the real hotty toddy until she is much older. Ole Miss girls - this means the g rated version from now on until I give the ok for her to learn the "real" version!
A different take on Animal Print Friday - her shirt says "Silly Monkey" on it and has a monkey swinging from a tree

This past week leading up to the first Ole Miss game of the season was jam packed. Animal Print Friday was especially long simply due to the fact that Elle had 2 doctor appointments and 1 therapy appointment. We were at the TCH satellite location all day long. I'm beginning to learn everyone's names and duties now that we are there at least twice a week. One of the appointments Elle had on Friday was with her cardiologist. He came into the room and the first thing he told me was that Elle's surgery has been bumped up. It was moved from October 1, 2009 to September 21, 2009. That's only 2 weeks away. At first I was shocked and almost started crying, but then (once I got over my initial reaction) I began to see how much better this will be for her. She still has a runny nose and cough. When we are admitted - they will do all sorts of testing on her to be sure she is ready for surgery. If she still has remnants of this cold, they will push surgery back a few days. Had we waited until October and they had to push her surgery back - it would have been a very bad thing. Her surgeon is going out of town the second week in October so October 1 was the very latest we could have had her surgery done. At least moving her surgery date up to the 21st we will have a few days/weeks to work with in case she still needs to recover from this cold (or anything else that might come up). At home on Friday evening, I had a mini meltdown. Not about the surgery itself - more about the fact that Elle has a closet full of 3-6 month clothes that are kind of summery and she hasn't even worn them yet. I decided that from now until surgery - she will wear every outfit she has in the closet that will even remotely fit her! Fashion rules are going out the window from now until September 21 (and even though it will be after Labor Day) - she will be decked out in every summer outfit she has! Lee almost gasped when I told him my plan. Even though we live in Houston, I am still a stickler for certain "rules." No linen after Labor Day, winter white instead of bright summer white for pants and skirts, I put up most of my open toed sandals and switch to closed toe loafers and flats (flip flops are in a league of their own and can stay out year round here). It's even time to break out my fall bag and put up my purse I have used for the past few months. Even Lee abides by my silly rules and won't wear his linen slacks after Labor Day. I wonder if Elle is going to be as silly about some things as I am?!

One of her outfits that is a wee bit too large - but I just had to have her wear it! She kept sucking on her bows all day - it beat having to hold the pacifier though!

Other than her runny nose and cough - Elle has been doing great. She is getting better at holding up her head and tolerates tummy time for longer and longer everyday. She still isn't using her arms to push herself up - so that is one of the things her physical therapist works on with her. Lately, Elle has been putting her hand over her heart a lot. I wonder if she knows it doesn't work right and is going to be fixed?

From now until September 21 we are spending as much time with our little girl as possible. We are back in quarantine until after surgery so we are limited on where we can go and who Elle can see. I will be so happy when Elle is well enough for us to enjoy all of our friends and family together so they too can love all over her instead of just looking at pictures!


Grma Anna said...

What a sweetie pie!! Love those girly girl clothes. She looks soo pretty. Maybe we can find her first Ole Miss cheer leader outfit.

meredith said...

I found your blog through Ann Marie (Pray for Coy). Your daughter is beautiful! Praying her cough and running nose goes away

~~ Meredith~~

Shannon said...

We will be thinking of you guys daily until the surgery and we know God has big plans for little Elle and her new and perfect valve! By the way, that is the greatest picture of Lee and Elle. That is a framer- one you will laugh about when she is 16 and pokes out her lip to get her way way daddy!! Love you guys so very much!
and may I add....Hotty Toddy!!!!