Saturday, October 3, 2009

moving day!

This is another blackberry update so please forgive any mistakes! I'm too tired right now to pull out the laptop and blog away. We spent the morning in cv icu with all the wonderful nurses. This afternoon, we were moved from cv icu and into a pri ate room on the 15th floor. It's bittersweet leaving the icu. Those nurses are incredible and we owe so much to them. I had a meltdown when elle was first born and we left cv icu and the nicu and were transferred to 15 because it is quite a different world. You no longer receive the one on one treatment and half the time you can't even find your nurse! While I am thrilled that we are one step closer to home- I can't stand not having the one on one attention. Elle is doing ok- we think she is having an allergic reaction to her antibiotic. At first it was super cute- she is constantly blowing raspberries and her tongue is always sticking out. Now, it is past the cute stage and we are worried that her tongue may be swollen. Let's pray it is nothing and she is ok! We're also still praying for poop! I pray for a full recovery for our little lady!...and for some sleep for lee and me!

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