Monday, October 26, 2009

Notes on the weekend

We had a relatively low key weekend. Saturday morning Lee and my dad headed down to one of their hunting leases to do some work. Elle and I spent the morning hanging out and attempting to try the eating applesauce thing again. I was smarter this time and took off her shirt...doesn't her scar look amazing?! She was a pretty happy baby when she realized that she was going to be getting some real food!

Saturday afternoon my mom came over and gave me her scouting report on a craft show that was taking place in Rosenberg. She found some amazing stuff so we made plans to go on Sunday.
Saturday evening Mark and Vickie came over and played with Elle Belle. Elle is so lucky to be loved by so many incredible people! Vickie was trying to put Elle to sleep and right when we thought she was asleep in her pack n play - the crazy kid woke up! So - we put her in our bed and of course - she went right to sleep. It's funny - because while I was pregnant - I swore I would never let Elle sleep in our bed. There was no way I was going to start her in the habit of only being able to fall asleep in the bed with us. Yea - that's a no go now. We've recently gotten in the bad habit of letting her fall asleep with us. Most nights I try to move her to her bed - but for the last few nights she has only lasted a few hours in her bed before she wakes up and wants to be in bed with us. At this point - she can sleep in bed with us as long as she sleeps which means we all sleep! Everyone had this image of what they are going to do as parents and then when you actually become one - everything changes!

Lee got home late Saturday night so Sunday my mom and I headed out to Rosenberg for the craft show. I love homemade stuff and every time I go to a craft show I think "I could totally make that!" So after our trip to the craft show I came back home inspired to start attempting cute clothes for Elle. We will see how this goes - I'm a great starter of projects but a not so great finisher of projects.

I love this picture of Elle - the stop sign says 'Please wash your hands before touching mine." Lately it has become Elle's favorite chew toy and this weekend it became her sleeping buddy too!


Bliss said...

Her scar does look AMAZING!

Bliss said...

Oh, and I just noticed she is only 1 day older than my Son!

amy johnson said...

Elle is looking FABULOUS!! Her scar is hardly noticable, are you putting mederma on it? We did that with Olivia and you have to really look to see her scar now. I can't believe how big she is getting, she just looks so happy. Ahhh, the life of a 7 mth old, how tough :)

LoPeZ FaMiLy said...

This is the Lopez family. So glad that Lupe gave us your blog address. Elle looks so cute and looks like she is doing amazing! Isaac has the same stop sign for his car seat but its red!