Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nothing can dampen my spirit

The weather in Houston is absolutely horrible right now. But absolutely nothing can dampen my spirit! Last night I had the opportunity to visit with the members of SANG (Strategic Alliance Networking Group). They sponsored a happy hour to benefit Witt and Elle and the Wee Dream Foundation. These perfect strangers opened up their wallets and their hearts for our wonderful cause. In the short 2 hours we visited, we raised over $700 for the foundation. I walked away last night absolutely glowing. The amount of support for the Wee Dream Foundation makes me believe in the goodness of people - the goodness of perfect strangers. I'm at a loss for words. This has all just been so over whelming and truly incredible. Thank you so much for your wonderful support of this amazing cause. We are still selling raffle tickets and bracelets and gearing up for the golf tournament on November 16. It's not too late to sign up for the tourney!! Information on the tournament can be found on the Wee Dream website -
I was reading another blog yesterday and the author quoted something from her daily devotional - "Oct. 26th devotional was - FEAR NOT! God's timing is always perfect. The quote at the end of the devotional, "Set your thoughts, not on the storm, but on the LOVE that rules the storm." I think this sums up our little family pretty perfectly! The love we have for our little baby that has weathered some pretty bad storms and the love of our most glorious Savior that has held us through the ups and downs of the last few months.

Elle Belle is growing so much everyday. She is doing so well on holding her head up and tonight she even tried to sit up on her own. Yesterday we caught her sucking on her feet for the first time! I've had a great time playing dress up with her this week - gearing up for Halloween.

Our little pumpkin spice!

Our little monster!


Vickie said...

Great Blog. I am so thankful for the generous people who are mindful of others needs. The Lord is great. Thank you Lord for your great compassion and mercy. Elle is a cute little treat for sure!


Jennifer said...

Love the halloween outfit and the hat is sooo cute!

The Miller's said...

Please save the pumpkin outfit for me! You think its uni and a boy could wear it?

Free Grover T said...

Hi there - I came across your blog when searching for some information for my son. You have done a wonderful job!

I'll be thinking about you. Check out Grover's site - maybe by sharing our stories we can make a difference.

annalee said...

that's incredible!
and that little punkin is too cute.