Friday, October 23, 2009

Seven months ago...

We welcomed our sweet baby girl into this world. I can't believe it has been 7 months! That's a lot of Animal Print Fridays!

What's going on in the life of this precious 7 month old?
- Weighin' in at 15 lbs 6 1/2 ounces
- Wearing 6 month clothes - some 6-9 month clothes
- You are 1 month post open heart surgery
- You've just started doing these funny smiles - one we call your popeye smile because it's straight across and you look like popeye! Your other new smile is soo funny - you open your mouth real big and crinkle your nose...from the pictures you look mad but it really is your new smile
- You hate wearing your hearing aids! You are constantly taking them out and sucking on them!
- You are eating 180 cc every 4 hours 5 x a day but we are experimenting with baby foods too! So far your favorite seems to be applesauce
- Everyday you are staying in your excersaucer for longer and longer - holding that head up like a big girl! We have exercises we do everyday to help strengthen your neck
- You are sitting up with assistance - you can't really sit up on your own yet - but we're working on it!
- We're still on quarantine but you could spend all day rolling around on the floor rolling from one side to the other playing with your toys
- you discovered your feet a while ago but just recently you've been holding onto your feet and rolling from side to side
- you are chewing on everything! anything and everything you can get your little hands on you put right into your mouth - you may have a tooth coming in but we're still waiting to see it!
- you love it when we sign to you. you recognize hungry, eat, milk, silly, pretty, girl and I love you. We're trying to get you to recognize mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather
- you hate being left alone. if you realize no one is around - you start screaming but as soon as you see someone - you are all smiles
- you are still sleeping in your pack in play in our room - i just can't move you yet to your room - you're still my itty bity baby!
- you sleep through the night but lately you've been waking up at 2am just to play for a bit and then you go back to sleep until around 6am
- you love to watch cartoons in the morning. your favs seem to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny - you are so mesmerized by them. You still love Baby Einstein too!
- you like to hang out in your stroller - we go on walks around the house and in the backyard
- you've recently discovered our dogs - you love to let Reggie lick you toes and then you try to pat him on the head
- you LOVE your baths - you wiggle down your little bath seat so your legs are in the water and you love to kick them around and splash water everywhere
- you are such a silly little girl and we love you soo much! we are so blessed by you!


Vickie said...

Elle is growing up! Those are the best pictures. I can't believe it has been 7 months. Thank you Lord for watching over Sweet Elle.


Jess said...

She is getting so big and so cute!!!

Amber said...

Elle is sure getting big so fast. I can remember the day that you told us that you were prego. I am happy that she is progressing like she is and very glad to hear that she is doing great!!

annie said...

I absolutely LOVE her in the moo cow outfit!!!