Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Rounds

You know you are getting closer to going home when only 1 doctor comes into your room and it isn't the usual herd! Dr. Nutting, the attending cardiologist came in solo late this morning. Dr. Nutting is actually the cardiologist that diagnosed Elle as having Tetralogy of Fallot when I was 20 weeks pregnant. He basically said that Elle's need for oxygen is the only thing that is keeping us here. According to him, it is no longer a heart issue but now it is a lung issue. Based on her chest x-rays - her lungs have collapsed in some places. The collapsed areas are small and really aren't of a big concern. She's only on .06 liters of oxygen - which is absolutely a tiny amount. The small amount of oxygen that she is getting is helping to expand those collapsed areas of her lungs. He said that hopefully by tomorrow she will be off the oxygen and we can start packing up our things to head home by the end of the week. Whoo hoo!
To GOD be the GLORY!!


Grma Anna said...

Yippee eye o!!! God is soo Good!!

mrsrubly said...

god is awesome. i have been keepin him busy with healing prayers for miss elle! and peaceful restful nights for you and lee. i haven't been on lately b/c of the net issues. good nite to all. i hope those bags are packed and all of you are home very very soon! take care.