Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost Famous

Our interview with Channel 2 aired today at 5:00pm!! We had the actual interview yesterday and it went really well. It was so fun to have Elle out and among our friends. We only took her because it was only going to be Mel and Austan and Sean and Angie. She did so good and was a perfect little lady during the interview. Although, she did try to eat the camera once or twice and was an absolute wiggle worm while we were being interviewed...but considering that she is exactly 7 weeks post open heart surgery - she did great! You can see our full interview at:
About half way down the page under "Local Headlines" there is the title that reads "Heart Defects that Touch Brothers' Lives." Click on that and you can see our actual interview. While you are surfing the web - go check out the Wee Dream Blog. We are full to the brim with golfers!! This is amazing and we are so thankful for each and every person who has said prayers for our family, donated to the foundation, bought a raffle ticket, bought a bracelet, are coming to dinner, participating in any way for the Wee Dream Foundation. Thank you thank you thank you!!


annalee said...

we've watched it many times already! i thought it was a great interview. and as a bonus y'all were lookin' good!

mrsrubly said...

ur interview was awesome! elle did so well.i wish my husband and i could have participated somehow. all of ya'll looked great! i didn't realize the talk about a transplant was taking effect for Witt! how terrible. still praying and watching out for updates for all the LUPHERS'!!