Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gearing up for the Big Bash

I am going to have to break down birthday week into two pre birthday bash and one just about the bash!
Pre Birthday Bash
Elle had quite an eventful week leading up to her big birthday party.

Monday we had an appointment with the cardiologist that didn't go exactly how we had hoped (more about that in yet another post).

Tuesday, Elle's big birthday - she wakes up with a fever and is miserable all day long.
Wednesday, Elle is feeling much better and decides to pull the button in her stomach out not once but twice! Ugh! The sight of seeing something that was previously INSIDE someones stomach laying on the floor is pretty me on this one. So, instead of getting the 900 things crossed off my to do list, I spent all day long either putting buttons into Elle's stomach, or taking them out and replacing them. A good portion of my day was spent at the TCH outpatient center - I was hoping they had an extra button we could use because the balloon that keeps it in her stomach had busted in the one that fell out - that's the reason it fell out the second time - there was nothing holding it in place. No luck. Instead, I used one of our old buttons and by 5pm - she was rockin' and rollin' again. Of course, none of this phased Elle. She had no idea her button fell out (twice). I think her lack of reaction to it coming out of her stomach is why it doesn't phase me anymore when it falls out (although - I do not want to change anymore buttons if I can help it). Late Wednesday night by best friend from high school and her boy friend came in to town. The last time we saw each other was 4 years ago at my wedding. It might have been 4 years, but things fell right back into place as soon as we saw each other. I'm pretty sure Nicole and I scared her poor boyfriend Chad - who really had no idea what he was getting himself into! I don't know that there is a way to adequately describe my friendship with Nicole. She is my rock. I'm uber scatterbrained and Nicole seems to piece all my thoughts together for me. I rarely finish a sentence around her because she knows what I'm thinking. It's odd - because most of the time I do have myself together - but when Nicole comes around - I let my guard down and she just picks everything right up! We were talking about that this past weekend - how she is scatterbrained too and whenever we get together she takes the lead and takes charge. I wouldn't want it any other way!
Thursday - Nicole and I woke up early and played with Elle until Chad woke up and then it was so long ladies. Elle only had eyes for Chad. He quickly went from being known as "Mr. Chad" to "Uncle Chad!" Nicole got Elle dressed for the day - I told her she looked like a rock stars kid in her outfit...complete with the blinged out shoes Nicole made! We met up with a friend of ours from high school for lunch and her two kids and then did some errands for the b-day party. I introduced Chad to the wonders of Sonic and we sure did stop in there 4x for drinks and snacks in the 3 days they were here!

Nicole and Elle looking at pictures

Elle and Chad taking a mid morning snooze

Elle in her rock star outfit

Animal Print Friday - we took Elle to therapy and then did some errands on the way back to our house because Elle had auditory therapy that afternoon. Friday night our WONDERFUL neighbors came over and helped with some art projects that I decided just HAD to be done before the birthday party. I really don't know what I would have done without everyones help. Thank you all sooo much for your help! I stink at time management so it was awesome to have 5 extra helping hands! Lee just shakes his head at me most of the time and says "oh babe" when I get into "wouldn't it be cool if we did this" mode. That's why I'm glad Nicole was here! She said "oh yeah - that would be awesome! but lets do it like this..."...hence the balloon arch that was first wrapped in hot pink ribbon then wrapped in zebra print ribbon for a little nod to animal print Friday (funny part was that you couldn't even see the pvc pipe we used under all the balloons)!

Nicole and Elle snuggling before Chad woke up

Animal Print Friday (yes that is Chad she is holding on to)!!
Crafting time at the Lupher house
Aviana and Elle playing while Nicole worked on the balloon arch
Nicole working on adding more bling to Elle's shoes
By Friday night, we all were exhausted and the party hadn't even started yet!

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