Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can't find my kitchen table

I've always had hoarding like tendencies. I think it's genetic. I got most of my hoarding like tendencies from my grandmother. As one of my roommates from college told me the other day, "Lish - you border on hoarding and because you have it organized in a container from the Container Store - you think its ok." Ok - so it's true. The fact that I keep a lot of stuff might have a lot to do with why our house is the way it is. Perpetually messy. "Don't throw that piece of tissue paper out - I can use it to modge podge a picture frame." Lee probably hears that way more than he wishes. My problem is that I have waaayy too many projects going on at once. I start one, get distracted, start another one...and pretty kitchen table looks like this...

In my defense, we have a lot of home improvement projects going on right now gearing up for Elle's first birthday party. Hence, the massive dog kennels in the middle of the kitchen. You can kind of see the lap top way off in the corner of the table which is why I have been MIA from the blogging world for the past few days/weeks. What you can't see is that my sewing machine is on the ground because it couldn't fit on the table anymore...yet another project that I started and haven't finished yet! Not only is the kitchen table covered in projects, but so is the dining room table and all the counters in our kitchen! Last week, Lee started building built-ins on either side of our fireplace. He has both of them built and primed and 2 coats of paint on one of them. They should be finished by the end of this weekend! I am so proud of him for this project!! I have wanted these built ins for 4 years now!!!

Last weekend while Lee was busy working on the built ins - Elle and I had fun playing with all her toys in her room. She discovered her closet last weekend. I think our little lady might be a fashionista. Her eyes light up when she is in her closet! She found the tutu I made for her when we were in the hospital for her open heart surgery. It still fits! Just goes to show how badly she was retaining fluid after surgery and how puffy she was!

Elle discovering her closet for the first time

Elle in her tutu on February 27, 2010 and on October 3, 2009 (9 days post surgery)

Elle in her cool tie dye outfit - she was looking around me to watch Saturday morning cartoons!
I have so much more to catch up on but I need to get at least ONE of my projects finished tonight!! I just made my to do list for the weekend and my heart started to palpitate...that's never a good sign when there is so much to do I start stressing out before I even start on the list!!

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