Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day Weekend and a whole lot more

It's crazy to me that a week has flown by. I want to tell time to slow down so that Elle stays a baby for just a little while longer!! It is definitely exciting to see her progress but after holding my bff's 3 month old baby today for the first time, it made me miss Elle being so little and cuddly!
Father's Day weekend seems like an eternity ago. Sunday was a busy day for us - my parent's and brother came over for lunch after my bro and dad played in a golf tournament in the morning. My dad is so amazing - he helps us out so much - whether it be coming over to play with our dogs during the week or helping clean out our garage or backyard. He is such an amazing dad and grandfather. Elle's sign for my dad is "hat" because he is always wearing a hat. She loves him so much and so do we! Go figure that I only took pictures of my mom and brother playing with Elle and didn't get any of my dad and Lee!

Elle and her twin, Uncle Benny
I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and the amazing father that he is. I loved Lee from the moment I met him but seeing him as a father has made me love him even more. He and Elle have such an amazing relationship - she loves him so much. She sign's "where's daddy" no less than 900 times a day and every time I reply "daddy's at work." When he gets home, she is all daddy's girl. Even though I didn't get any pics of Lee with Elle on Father's Day - I have snapped a few with my phone that I just love...and there are some great ones from our vacation a few months ago.

Out on a walk with the dogs

on a bike ride looking at the baby bunny that was in the flower bed

Sunday night we went out to dinner with Mark and Vickie, Uncle Jake, Mel, Austan, Witt and Mel's parent's, Jim and Karen. It was a wonderful evening and we all had so much fun! Mark is an incredible grandfather. Elle is one lucky lady to have such an amazing man in her life. She loves her Big Daddy so much - even more when he lets her crawl and climb all over him!

Like usual, last week flew by. Elle was a super diva all week long and she had the right to be - poor little girl is getting 3 molars in at the same time. She won't hardly open her mouth and forget brushing her teeth. That's a daily battle anyway and the fact that her gums are so swollen doesn't help much. We've had to get very creative and tooth brushing time now involves 3 toothbrushes and a lot of distractions! Thursday, we saw Elle's pediatrician for her 15 month check up...I just can't believe she is 15 months old! I totally forgot to post her 14 months stats so I will have to make up for it and post her 15 months stats soon. From the pedi - she is weighing in at a whopping 20lbs 9oz and is 30 3/4 inches long. She is in 10-25% for weight and 50% for height. All in all - she looks good and our pedi is uber impressed with her progress.
Friday night we had a party at our house for some friends of ours that just got married. It was so much fun to see everyone and get a chance to catch up. I am so thankful for all our friends - we are so blessed! Like usual, we didn't get our camera out until waaay late in the night. But thankfully Tina, the new bride, got a few good pics with her camera.

Elle eating ice out of the ice chest - we eventually had to get her her own little cooler and put ice in made a huge mess...but she (and her aching gums) were happy!

Ark and Tina the happy couple and Bear and Lee looking like brothers (nope - they aren't related!)

Vickie giving Elle a bath trying to get her to go to sleep - little lady just didn't want to miss any of the action!

Since Elle finally hit the length limit for her carrier, we went and invested in a new one. Shopping for toddler seats was worse than registering! We finally found one that wasn't too bad and brought it home. Lee and Elle then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon playing in her new clubhouse. I just loved watching them crawl around the living room - putting toys in to the box and then bringing them back out.

Elle and Lee playing...her little backpack is actually her feeding tube...i love that she can move around and play and eat all at the same time!

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Natalie Oakley said...

Elle sure does look just like your brother! She could so pass for his little girl!