Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another week....another illness

Well....Elle finally got over the puke monster and then was hit again with a nasty runny nose and cough. Last Tuesday (8/10/10) at gym class, one of the moms brought her daughter to class with a seriously runny nose. I really didn't think anything of it until Elle woke up on Wednesday with a runny nose. Ugh! Runny nose = puke in our house but thankfully we escaped Wednesday puke free. Wednesday night Elle woke us up with a terrible cough. I woke up first thing Thursday morning and made an appointment to see the pediatrician. I just love our pediatrician and her staff. Thankfully, she basically said that Elle had a summer cold and would be fine - just to watch her and make sure she didn't develop a fever. Come Saturday, Elle was feeling much better and we both needed to get out of the house so we went with Lee to his hunting camp.

Elle playing with the duck call - she's ready for hunting season
He needed to put up some game cameras and Elle and I wanted to see what The Moose Den was all about. We left early and got to his camp around 9:00am and were finished putting up the cameras by 11:30am. Elle's favorite part was getting to drive the mule! It made being outside in the scorching heat worth it!

We left Lee's camp around noon and headed over to my dad's camp 20 minutes away. Our intent was to go fishing but it was even too hot for the fish to even think about wanting to be caught! Elle was such a super trooper and hung out with Grampy in the shade while Lee and I tried to catch some fish. It was a pretty exciting day for Elle because she not only got to see cows up close and personal, but she also got to see horses and butterflies.

She had a butterfly on her shirt and when I pointed to the butterfly flying around she signed and said "butterfly" and then pointed to her shirt and at the butterfly flying around. She amazes me everyday with what a smart little girl she is! After fishing for a few hours we headed back to Lee's camp to drop off a 4 wheeler and so I could shoot a handgun for the first time. I'm not going to lie - I was scared out of my mind to shoot a gun. It's been 12 years since I even held a firearm so the fact that Lee was going to teach me how to shoot was pretty intimidating. Lee videoed me shooting the handgun and all I can say is that I was impressed that my arms didn't flap in the wind - thanks to lifting up a 20lb baby all day long!

It was a long day in the sun and wore us all out. Sunday morning we woke up and Elle had a terrible rash all over her that progressively got worse as the day went on. It was from her face all the way to her toes....worse than any other rash she has ever had. I was able to get in with our pediatrician on Monday and she said that the rash was most likely caused by a combination of the virus she had that gave her the runny nose and cough and possibly some plant she rubbed up against at the deer leases. Who knows. By Tuesday she was much better and we were able to resume our normal busy schedule.

Poor little baby - the pictures of her torso and legs are too gruesome to post
The rest of the week pretty much flew by. Animal Print Friday, Elle's normal sign language teacher returned after her summer break. It took Elle about 10 minutes to realize that Mrs. Katy was back to play with her. She was so funny when she put 2 and 2 together. She showed Mrs. Katy all her favorite games like taking all her shoes out of her armoire and then putting them all back in again and playing with her flash cards and reading her favorite book Brown Bear Brown Bear.

Animal Print Friday outfit - pink gingham with frogs all over it

The next few weeks are going to be super busy with appointments and other activities that are starting up. I signed Elle up for a music class that starts in September. I am so excited to see how she reacts to all the music. She is such a funny little girl. I asked Lee this morning if he ever thought that being a parent would be so much fun. Everyday she does something that makes us laugh - she is just such a fun little lady (even when she isn't feeling 100%)!

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