Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Vacay

August 25-29 we loaded up Lee's truck and headed down to South Padre Island for a mini vacay. We went with Lee's parents and the added help with Elle was definitely needed for our little go go getter! I didn't take any toys for Elle to play with - only books and her flash cards. If you don't already have an LL Bean large tote - get one (plus Nina Garcia says that every woman must have one)! The thing is perfect for loading up books and toys for car trips. It sits right next to Elle and she can reach in and grab as many books as her little car seat will hold....plus it's made out of uber durable canvas...the thing is indestructible! We made it down to the island late Wednesday night and woke up early Thursday morning. The day was perfect and our morning walk/run was wonderful on the beach. Even the dogs got to enjoy a morning run. Later on that afternoon we went over to Port Isabell for some shopping.

Friday morning, Lee, Mark and I went fishing with a guide. Vickie stayed with the princess while we enjoyed a morning of good fishing.

Being Animal Print Friday, Elle was sporting her new bird outfit. I just love it! It has birds and eggs all over it and is just too super cute!

The last time we went down to SPI, Elle started crawling and pulling up and cruising all in the same weekend. We were hoping she would start walking during this trip. She didn't start walking, but she did start coloring which we have been working on forever!

Saturday we took Elle to Paragraph Books on the island and to some other cute shops on SPI. We found some great toys for Elle. She is way in to matching things right now and we found Animal Bingo. There are cards with the animals on them and you match the game pieces to the cards. Elle was in hog heaven playing the matching game with the animals! She also talked Big Daddy into buying her a new bracelet. She really did talk him into it - or rather "signed" him into it. I have never seen so many "pleases" and "yes please" signed by this little lady! We also had a few photo shoots!
We had such so much fun with ViVi and Big Daddy. No one wanted the weekend to end!


Jennifer said...

Looks like a great time, she is getting so big and grown up. You look great too!

Angie said...

LOVE the family pics (and that she begged for the bracelet)... she's precious!