Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pictures from Christmas

Oh the wonders of Christmas!
We started off of Christmas Day by checking our what Santa left in our stockings...Santa left Elle a Mickey Mouse plate...she LOVED it!
She also got a Mickey Mouse sticker book....we will have to be getting more of those!
And then we walked into the front room to see what Santa left us under our Christmas tree...
Santa brought Elle a really cool convertible trike...she already has gotten some use out of it when we rode over to our friend Maddie's house
And she also got a KITCHEN! It is sooo cool!
After we opened up all our Christmas gifts at our house, we all got dressed and headed over to ViVi and Big Daddy's for breakfast and more presents.
Elle got a Dyson vacuum from ViVi and Big cool is that?! Just like her mommas! When she opened it up - her eyes got big and she said and signed "Help momma clean." Oh I'm such a proud momma!

We had so much fun with ViVi, Big Daddy, Uncle Jake and Lee's aunt and uncle Jane and Paul.
After spending a few hours with ViVi and Big Daddy, we loaded up all our goodies and headed over to my parent's house for lunch and EVEN MORE presents! The first thing Elle saw when we walked in was her new Mickey Mouse glider...she would sleep in that thing if we let her!
She opened a majority of her gifts from right there in that chair!
Uncle Benny got her a doll - she "allowed" the doll to rock for a little bit - it's going to take a while for her to get accustomed to this baby doll. It's a lot bigger than the one she usually plays with!
Elle eventually only wanted to play with my dad's new Sonicare toothbrush and his camera....she was trying to take pictures of herself...pretty funny to watch her squint and smile expecting the flash to go off!
After opening up all our gifts, we went into the kitchen for lunch and bubbles! Elle blew her first bubble - you can see in the picture how excited Uncle Benny and Elle were after she actually blew the bubbles!
It was such a fun filled jam packed day. We all napped over at my parent's house for a little bit and then we went to Lee's grandparent's house for dinner. Needless to say, we were all tuckered out by the time we finally made it home on Christmas Day! We are so blessed by such amazing families!
On Tuesday, we went over to Aunt Mel and Uncle Austan's house to celebrate Christmas with them and Witt. I just can't get over how much of a little boy Witt has grown into! We got him some stacking pans and he loved banging them and shaking them. It is so awesome to see that little guy being so lively and into everything that is going on around him!
By far, Elle's favorite gift were the handmade bows Aunt Mel made for her. When the wrapping paper came off, Elle's eyes got so big and she literally started jumping up and down. Her mouth dropped and when she could finally talk after being so overcome with excitement all she could sign and say were "does, does, does" and pointing to her hair. She still asks to see all her "does" every morning!
What a wonderful Christmas spent with all our family and friends! Thank you to everyone who made this so special for Elle and our family!

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Sarah Magee said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! I miss seeing her every week! How is she doing? Sarah magee