Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Min Mou Jammies

Yesterday morning I experienced a first with my almost 2 year old little lady. As I was getting her dressed and ready for the day, I held up an outfit and said "Elle, it's time to get dressed." She looked directly at me and said "NO!"...all while shaking her little head. Her reaction kind of took me by surprise and so I asked (half laughing) what she intended to wear for the day. She opened up the drawer in her dresser that holds all her pjs.....fished around for a little bit and then came out holding a pajama top with Minnie Mouse on it. She held it up for me to see and proudly announced "Min Mou jammies." Alright...Minnine Mouse jammies it was!

I just had to share these pictures...Elle and Lee hitting golf balls....or rather Lee hitting golf balls and Elle cheering him on

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The Miller's said...

I always weigh in when her hair needs to be delt with so it is only fair that I weigh in when it looks too cute too! She is growing up and looks adorable!