Friday, May 27, 2011

Animal Print Friday.....Then and Now

Yep - I still dress Elle in animal print every Friday. It's a tradition...and one I absolutely love so it just has to continue! While I was cleaning up some files I found this picture...

Animal Print Friday - May 28, 2010

Funny enough....this is what Elle wore today (Friday, May 27, 2011)...

No planning on my part - this was just a coincidence...and almost exactly a year apart! Too funny. Today in gym class we had the end of the semester awards ceremony. Elle got a special ribbon that she was sooo proud of! She has therapy immediatelly after gym class and when we strolled in the doors of TCH - Elle immediately went up to all her friends (the employees and front desk staff) and showed them her special ribbon.

Triple Trouble...Maddie, Kayla and Elle...these little ladies are so funny!
Elle loves gym class - but I really think she loves being able to play with Kayla and Maddie...and swing from the uneven bars!

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