Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Elle had a really great day during the day. While she still slept a lot, every time she woke up she got a little happier and was asking for more of her favorite things. She woke up for a while in the early afternoon and asked for two blue gloves, her duck book (Little Quack) and her pig movie (Charlotte's Web). The funny part was that she wanted them both at the same time - so we had Charlotte's Web going on the computer on a little table right in front of her and then Lee and I were taking turns reading "the duck book" all while Elle was wearing her two blue gloves.

She got a little frustrated trying to put on the gloves - her pulse ox is on her pointer finger on her right hand so we had to help her get that glove on. It was so nice to hear her say "help please" though!

She did great at drinking lots of cold water throughout the day. Around 3:00pm, my parents came and relieved Lee and myself so we could go eat lunch and take a nap in the waiting room. Thank goodness for the relief! Lee and I ate lunch at the RoHo and then took a little nap while my parents sat with Elle. She woke up for a while when they were with her and was able to eat some green jello! This is huge for Elle! Our goal is to allow her to eat orally first and rely on the feeding tube as secondary. She is still on an all clear liquid diet so the fact that she actually did eat some jello just amazes me! They let her eat the jello only because she had to get a dose of lasiks to help her go to the bathroom. She is retaining fluid so right now we are praying for pee and for her kidney function to get back on a normal schedule. She keeps grabbing her diaper so I know she is in pain when she goes to the bathroom. They told us to give it a day or two for the pain to subside from the catheter. Lee and I got back to Elle's bedside around 6:00pm and she was wide awake. She actually stayed awake until 11:00pm - 5 hours awake is a record so far! During that time she did go potty so that was an answered prayer (but we're still praying for more!). Mark and Vickie brought us dinner and were able to spend some time with Elle. Elle is so lucky to have such amazing family members that love her so much!! We are so blessed to have such amazing parents! We're praying for Elle's continued improvement. This is just such an amazing journey to be on and we are so strengthened by the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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