Monday, July 18, 2011

Paging Doctor Eleanor on Animal Print Friday

We've been trying to keep Elle as low key as possible - but that is pretty hard to do with a two year old! Friday Elle found her doctor's kit that one of the volunteers gave her in the hospital. She spent a good part of the afternoon listening to my mom's heart to be sure she was ok. She knows exactly what to do with the tools in her little doctor's kit! She listened to our hearts and then our lungs with the stethoscope, she took our temperature with the thermometer and then yesterday afternoon, she lifted up Lee's shirt to give him medicine in his belly button with the syringe. Elle gets all her medicine through the g-button on her stomach so she just assumed that's how everyone gets their medicine!

Elle in her chicken shirt being a good little doctor

She spread out her blanket on her chair before she put down Minnie and Mickey to listen to their hearts

I'm just amazed everyday at the progress she is making. She's back to all her old antics and except for not wanting us to see her chest/belly she is almost 100%. That's the one thing we have noticed and we noticed it in the hospital. She doesn't want anyone to look at her chest - she is super modest now (which is probably a good thing!). I think she is just afraid that whatever we are going to do to her will hurt her. I'm afraid for tomorrow when she gets her stitches taken out!

Elle in one of her Aunt Mel original t-shirts!

It's funny how things happen. I was super worried about Elle not being able to wear her feeding tube backpack for 12 weeks. She's really not eating anything orally now except for maybe an ounce or two of soup several times a day. The Lord works in mysterious ways because this (what I thought would be a hindrance) has turned into a blessing. It is forcing Elle and I to go on an hour long walk every morning during her first feed of the day. It's so nice to walk with our friend Tina and when Tina can't go with us, it is amazing quiet time for me. I find myself in prayer for a majority of our hour long walks. It is such a blessing and wonderful way to get our day started!

Please pray for us tomorrow as we take Elle in for her post op visit. They will be taking out the stitches from her chest and where the chest tube was. We're praying for a smooth and quick visit!

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KAT said...

Hi Lisha! My name is Kelly (Scofield) Tavares and I went to Langham Creek. I was in Shannon McAndrews Bennett's class. My son was born 5-5-11 and also has congenital heart defects. He had open heart surgery 6-20 and we were discharged 7-4. He'll likely have two more surgeries before we're hopefully in the clear. I found your blog while reading about the fundraiser for Jordan. It's so nice to see the beautiful pictures of Elle and see that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences.