Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post Op Appointment

We had Elle's post op visit today. I am so thankful that Lee was able to go with us! Elle just loves to have her daddy with her during the day! When we got to the hospital, we saw our friend Jordan and his mom. It was so nice to see them! We also ran into our CV nurse, Jennifer. All these doctors and nurses really do become like family!

The first thing they had to do was take Elle's pulse ox and blood pressure. She was sitting on Lee's lap and when the nurse wheeled the blood pressure machine up - Elle pointed to her leg and said "leg please." This little girl knows what she wants! Unfortunately for Elle her blood pressure had to also be taken on her arm but at least she was polite in asking for it to be taken on her leg first! After pulse ox and blood pressure, it was time for x-ray. Elle did great and got to stand up to have her x-ray taken...such a big girl! After that we were moved to a room and met with the nurse practitioner and then one of the cv nurses who took out Elle's stitches. Elle was a rock star and did so well!

Elle got bored and started taking pictures...that's her shot of me

Elle's reward for doing such a fantastic job was a sheet of Dora stickers which she promptly put all over her legs...

While we were waiting for our car, we ran into Guill, one of Elle's ICU nurses. He is just amazing and it was so nice to see him outside of ICU! We are so thankful that Elle's appointment went so well. We are one week closer to being out of quarantine - 2 weeks down - 4 weeks to go!

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