Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update from the Operating Room # 4 - Straight from the Surgeons mouth

We just met with Dr. Morales. When Dr. Morales did Elle's first repair, her RVOT (right ventricle outflow tract) was bordering on pulmonary atresia (a complete closure). He did his best to widen it but because it was restricted he wasn't able to widen it as much as he wanted. Over the last two years, the muscle has thicked around the incision and that has caused her blood flow to be restricted. This time, he was able to go in and widen it to a width he felt comfortable with (18 mm to be exact). He thinks that this repair should last Elle a very long time (years if not a decade)! He didn't have to mess with her pulmonary valve which is a good thing. All in all - he said she did great and he was pleased with how wide he was able to make her vein. Praise the Lord for HIS amazing work!


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annalee said...

i'm crying tears of joy too! so, so thankful for precious elle and the good report!

liss18 said...

Well, I now feel like a crazy stalker, but I had to check in glad to hear all went well. I'll continue to keep you all in my thoughts...hope she has a smooth recovery and that you all get some much needed rest tonight!

Melissa Hoffman