Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Blessed Day

March 23, 2009 - our exciting day began at 3:45 am. My water broke and the excitement began. Lee and I took our time getting our things together and headed for St. Lukes around 4:45am. By 6:00am we were in a room and the doctor on call came in to check on me. I wasn't having contractions - well - actually I was but had no idea! By 8:00am they had started me on pitocin and then it was just a waiting came for the rest of the day. At noon they started the epidural and it was all good from there. I couldn't feel a thing so I spent the rest of the day watching movies and resting. At 7:21pm - our wonderful doctor, Dr. Reiter, came in and made the big announcement - this baby was coming in 30 minutes. What? I couldn't feel a thing and here the doctor was saying I was ready to go! After a few big pushes Eleanor Crosby Lupher was born at 7:34pm weighing in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 inches long. I was so worried I wasn't going to be able to see her or hear her cry - but as soon as she came out - Dr. Reiter laid her on my stomach and it was absolutely the most amazing experience. There was our daughter! Lee was such a trooper during the whole delivery and stayed right by my side and was the perfect cheerleader. Elle started crying the most perfect little whimper and of course - I was crying right along with her. After a few minutes - the Texas Children's nurses took her out of the room and got her cleaned up and stabilized. Meanwhile - I wouldn't let Lee leave my side because my doctor was still working on me. An hour later - Dr. Reiter was finished with me and the TCH nurses were finished with Elle. They wheeled her back in so I could see her before taking her over to TCH. There she was - our little miracle! Lee went with her to TCH while I was able to call some of our family members back to the room to let them know she had arrived and was doing ok. A little later in the evening, Lee was able to take everyone back over to TCH to see little Elle. I'm sure it was love at first sight for everyone! The day was truly a whirlwind but Lee and I felt so blessed that it all went ok. At 11:40pm - one of the Neotatologist came to our room and filled us in on Elle's progress - or lack there of. She had been stable when the family saw her and then she had taken a turn for the worse. She started having seizures and began to turn blue - this is what they call a Tet Spell. They didn't know if the seizures were caused by the medicine they had given her or what. Lee went with the neotatologist up to the NICU while I was confined to my bed - crying. Lee came back and said she was fine they just had her sedated. It's amazing how things can go from joyous to worrisome in just a matter of minutes. At 2:40am - they finally moved me from the labor and delivery floor to the maternity floor. They kept me on the labor and delivery floor for so long because of the massive amount of work the doctor had to do on me after delivery. I was still on the epidural and they were still having to check me for bleeding. It was such a long day and night! Lee and I didn't sleep very well - being woken up every few minutes to check vitals and all that good stuff. We called the NICU at 3:00am and they reported that Elle was stable and doing fine. Lee went and saw her this morning and said she looked good - but they still have her sedated. At 10:00am this morning - they finally took the epidural out and gave me the ok to get dressed and begin to move around. I have been confined to the bed since noon yesterday! This news was absolutely what I needed to hear! So - in the next hour or so - I am going to go and see our daughter for the first time since delivery and I am so excited! We are praying that each day gives Elle more strength than the day before. We pray for the doctors and their wisdom. We pray for peace and strength for Lee and me and the rest of our family members. We pray that the Great Healer will lay his wonderful hand on our little girl and protect her and guard her. We know that through God all things are possible!


Angelle said...

You are in my prayers!!! May the good Lord guide Elle through these difficult times. She is a strong little girl!! She has the strongest and most loving parents I know! The Lord knew what he was doing when he made you two her parents. She will do beautifully with your love and support! We love you and we are here for you if you need anything!! I will be more than happy to bring you anything you need! Call when you feel up to it. We would love to hear your voice. Love you Sweetie!!

Jess said...

Congrats on your little lady- We are so happy for you and will keep your family in our prays. I would love to come and see you if you are up to it! Love you and am so happy for you.

Becky Mc said...

Lisha, Lee and Elle, I am praying for you and have asked my dear friends in my bookclub who are great prayer warriors to pray for each of you. Elle is so pretty!! I was so taken with her little fingers and toes. I am praying that God in his wisdom will bless your family and the doctors & nurses who are taking care of Elle. Love to all of you. Mrs. McAndrews

Emily Morgan said...

I am keeping all three of you in my thoughts! I know you are all going through a rough time now, but sooner than you know it you will be home with a healthy Miss Elle! Love you guys so much, and I can't wait to meet her!

Melvybee said...

She is just beautiful, Lisha! Congratulations to you both! We will continue to pray that Elle gets stronger and stronger.
Melissa Broad :)

veronica_swift said...

March 23 is a good day, Elle shares her day with my oldest, Gabe! I will keep her in my prayers that she will keep getting stronger everyday! She is beautiful!