Friday, March 6, 2009

Losing Control

For the past 4 months, my super brave brother in law and sister in law have been fighting a battle that no youg parent should have to go through. Their litte one, Witt, was born with a chromosomal disorder and his first four months of life have been plagued with various illnesses. He was diagnosed a few days ago with Pulmonary Hypertension...and then yesterday, it was discovered that he is aspirating when he swallows which means that everything is going into his little lungs. He had to have a feeding tube put in and I know my SIL is in pain. Not only to see her little one attached to all these machines but to also know that she can't feed him. I'm not a mom yet so I don't know the exact feeling she is going through - but it must be rough - to have that little bit of control taken away and not to know when the next time she will be able to feed him again. The doctors are doing everything they can for Witt - but what about her? I'm praying that SHE finds the strength to hold on and be strong during all of this. The easy thing to do would be to say "enough" - I can't do this anymore. It takes a strong and different kind of person to persevere and with the help of the Lord, I know both she and my BIL will make it through this very trying time.

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