Friday, March 27, 2009

Milky Minutes

This is a warning - Do not continue to read if the thought of breast milk and all the glories that go along with it gross you out! I'm warning you now!! For those of you that are continuing to read - I seem to find humor in the oddest places! I started being diligent about pumping every 3 hours last night. The milk bank here at TCH is right next to our pod so I can just walk right out and into the milk bank. In the milk bank, they have a room that is strictly for women. It is separated into six different areas separated by curtains. There are warnings posted everywhere that the room is a quiet area - no cell phones - an area for relaxing and pumping. I walked in this morning and was the only one in the room. I headed to my little corner of the room, closed the curtain and proceeded to set up shop. A few minutes later, I heard the door open and another mom walked into the room. Of course - there are 5 empty rooms and she decides to use the area right next to mine. After a few minutes, I began to hear the most disgusting sound I have ever heard. It was a cross between her smacking gum, drinking water and chewing on an apple. It totally grossed me out. I even put my fingers in my ears to stop the sound and I could still hear it! I was emailing Lee the whole time - trying not to throw up because it was really grossing me out. All of a sudden - the smacking sound stopped and then to my total amazement - the lady burped! What?! Are you kidding me? This is supposed to be a peaceful place and my friendly neighbor had decided to eat her breakfast and then expel all her gases! Of course - I am trying to abide by the rules and stay quiet and all I could do was silently shake with laughter. I'm sure I let a few giggles out and she had to of heard me. I finally got over giggles and then all of a sudden - the lady farted! Ah! How much longer do I have to be here??!! Of course - Lee is loving this whole experience as I'm emailing him the minute by minute action. Ok - I only had 5 more minutes - what else could happen? Oh - she farted again! But this time - she said "excuse me." Where was the "excuse me" after the first burp?! Lee was writing me to hurry up and see who the lady was. There was no way I was going to face her - I was silently dying laughing!! My time was up - so I started to quickly clean everything up when I heard her pump stop. I just sat there and waited until I heard her leave - certain I was going to run into her at the sinks outside the room. According to the lactation consultants - you are supposed to clean your "tools" after each use. I took a deep breath and walked to the door - opened it - and there was no one there at the sinks! The lady left without washing her stuff off! Double gross!!! I walked back to all our family members sitting in the waiting room and I was crying I was laughing so hard. Oh! Sometimes a good laugh is all it takes to get the day going!
Lee wants me to put a picture of the first milk on the blog...this is for you babe!


Shannon said...

My LuLu,

I was so glad to see you, Lee, and little Elle today. I keep thinking of how beautiful her little face is. I know that these will probably be some of the most trying times in your life, but as we used to say every time we hit the course.... I know that " You can do it." I am certain that God gave Elle the most amazing parents. Seeing the two of you today was such a wonderful experience, I am so blessed to have you as friends, and Elle is even more blessed to have you as parents. Can't wait to see you tommorrow.

Love to all.


Renee and Daniel said...

Lisha- I was laughing so hard as I read your blog tonight. How funny. I can not beleive the women did all this. I'm still praying for you guys.