Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eye Spy

Elle had a great day today. She spent the whole day sleeping and having visitors come and ooh and awe over her cuteness! Lee and I made it to the NICU this morning and sat with Elle while the doctors made their rounds. Even with her little episode from last night, they still feel that Elle is making progress. They decided to stop Elle's calcium line. They added the calcium to her nutrient bag that is helping feed her all the good stuff she needs to become strong. They also re-started her feeding tube. When they had moved her air supply from her throat to her nose, they had stopped her feeding tube. Now that she is again intubated - she is being fed 8 ccs of breast milk every 3 hours. We worked on getting her to associate the binky with eating - this is slow going because she is not a fan her binky! We finally made a little progress when we put a drop of breast milk on the tip of the binky. Hopefully, each day will get a little easier for her. She still hasn't opened her eyes for more than a few seconds. This afternoon, she would open one eye a little and then immediately close it. Pray that she opens her eyes soon! The doctors have mentioned her sleepiness a few times, and don't seem to be too concerned but I am starting to get worried. I pray that this weekend she will decide she is ready to see the world. We also learned this afternoon that they will be putting in a pic line tomorrow. Evidently this procedure may take a long time because it is a tedious procedure to make sure it is in correctly. We pray that whoever does the procedure has steady hands and is able to get Elle set up with the line without putting her through too much stress. Our little one is such an angel and we have spent countless hours just staring at her. We pray that tomorrow is another wonderful day!
Lee, Uncle Austan and Elle I love this picture - these big boys lovingly looking over Little Elle!

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