Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh What A Day

Our day began with good news at 5:30am. Elle had a good night - she was moving around more than usual and seemed to be trying to open her eyes. She also pooped which was a huge ordeal because Friday was her first day of getting milk every three hours. Her stomach and digestive system seem to be working just fine! During the rounds this morning, the doctors decided that Elle was ready to be moved up on her feeding so they doubled each feeding from 8 cc to 16 cc. 16 cc is about 1 ounce. Lee and I spent the morning with Elle. When we got to her bedside this morning - this is how we found her little feet - holding one of her many wires between her toes! Lee called them her little monkey toes!

I spent the afternoon with Elle while Lee went into work. I'm sure today was tough for him! Thank you to everyone that stopped by today - it was my first day without Lee by my side and your presence made the day absolutely wonderful! Elle made some huge strides today. She figured out how to grasp her wires with both her hands and her feet and she also figured out how to open her mouth for the pacifier. She hasn't figured out the sucking part - but at least she is opening and closing her mouth! The big event happened this evening. Lee and I were able to give her a bath! We sprung this on Lee so he couldn't refuse to help. He walked in from a long day of work to find my mom, dad, Mark, Vickie and myself all standing over Elle's bed. The nurse was kind enough to allow all of us to stay back at Elle's bedside - usually only 4 people are allowed to be at the bedside. Lee had no choice but to jump in and help with all the onlookers we had! I must admit that this was a super nerve wracking event - giving a newborn a bath that is attached to tons of wires! I was so thankful that all the grandparents got to witness the historic event. I believe it was even caught on video! I will have to post that tomorrow. Before Elle's bath - we all were witnesses to the longest eye opening event since her birth! She kept both of them open for several seconds at a time and toyed with us for almost 30 minutes. It was such a great evening for all of us!
Here is Lee helping nurse Jennifer
While all of this was absolutely amazing - please pray for Miss Elle. The Nurse Practitioner came in around 10:30 this evening and was going to put the Pic line in. They will give Elle morphine to knock her out and then attempt to put the line in. If she can't get the line to go in - Elle will be transported to radiology and they will have to put the line in. She is supposed to be calling after the procedure is finished - but its been 2 hours and I still haven't received a phone call. The procedure has to be done in a sterile environment so Lee and I had to leave the unit and they shut down the unit from all other visitors. I'm praying that they aren't' still working on our little one! Once they get the pic line in, Elle will begin receiving her supped up Gatorade and PGE (the medicine that is keeping her heart working) from this line instead of the line that is in her bellybutton. They will remove the lines from her bellybutton and then Lee and I will be able to hold her. I am excited to be able to hold our little one again! Even Lee is ready to hold her - wires and all! Lee and I are so thankful for the events of today and for all of the wonderful love and support from all of our friends and family. We are so blessed to have the amazing suport systems that we do. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support (and other goodies)! I don't think we will ever be able to express just how grateful we are for each and every one of you.

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