Friday, April 24, 2009

15th Floor = Sleep Deprivation

Friday, April 24, 2009 - Lee and I spent the first night with our little princess last night. I'm not sure if the big move threw Elle's normal schedule off or if the night nurses in the NICU have been REALLY tolerant of our little princess but she didn't sleep at all last night. Lee tried to sleep while I stayed up with Elle. I rocked her to sleep a few times and each time I put her back in her crib, she started wailing. Of course her binky helped - but I was in no shape to stand over her crib holding her binky all night. At 3:30am I finally sat down and fell asleep. I guess I was totally out because Lee got up and took over Elle duty until about 6:00am. The nurses were in and out of the room - but neither one of us could just sit there and listen to her cry. Lee had to go to work on about 2 hours of sleep. Poor guy! Some of my wonderful friends came by this morning with the most glorious coffee ever! I have never tasted caffeine as wonderful as that Starbucks!! Jess, Angelle and Danny got their Elle time in and right as they were leaving, the nurse notified me that they were taking Elle down for her CT. The CT took about 20 minutes and she was back up and in her room. Thankfully, they didn't have to sedate her for the CT - they just wrapped her up and she was fine. I guess her not sleeping all night was a good thing! Around 2:30pm, Elle finally woke up. My goal this afternoon was to keep her awake as long as possible. My parents came by and with their help we managed to keep her awake until around 5:00pm. She spent a majority of her day looking out her windows! She does have a pretty cool view - so I don't blame her for looking out the windows all day! Of course, by 5:30pm - she was out! Maybe she will play sleep catch-up tonight and sleep all night - I think that may be wishful thinking - but oh well! Dr. Edmonds came by this evening to check on her. I asked him if her had seen the CT results yet and he said no. He also told me that he isn't too worried about Elle's hearing. He looked at the first CT she had done and while there are deformities in her ear canal that will most likely lead to hearing loss, it may not be complete hearing loss. But - he also said that we need to wait and see what this CT shows and then do the hearing tests. He said that Elle's issues are her heart, her nose, her feeding and then her ears. I said "in no particular order - right?" His response was - "No - in that exact order." So - we will have to wait and see what the CT from today showed. Elle is scheduled for the feeding tube to be put in late next week - until then - we just work with her on taking more and more of the bottle. She took 6 cc today which is double what she has been taking. We are so thankful for just 1 cc at a time!! She is making so much progress and we are so happy her!! We pray for her continued success and that she learns what is day time and awake time and what is night time and sleepy time!!

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