Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26, 2009 - Elle has had a good weekend. Her sleeping pattern is still pretty erratic but it has gotten better. She slept a little better on Friday night than she did on Thursday night and last night she slept from 10:30pm until 3:00am. I'm afraid that I have been a bad mom in the dietary department and I ate something that is upsetting her stomach. At least that is what we think is going on. For the past few days Elle has thrown some major hissy fits and then she will calm down for a bit and then go back to throwing her fits. At first the nurses were giving her Tylenol with codeine and then yesterday, one of the nurses suggested that it looked like she was having gas pains -so she requested Mylicon. Sure enough, Elle calmed down within an hour of taking it. I better start paying more attention to what I'm eating because I definitely don't want to continue to go through Elle fits! Our poor baby!! Saturday afternoon, the cardiology surgery nurse came by to take the stitches out of where Elle's chest tube was. She was sitting there talking to us and then before we know it - she goes into all of the discharge information! She started telling us about how to care of Elle's incisions, what to look for in case her heart starts acting up, who our outpatient cardiologist will be...the gamut. It kind of shocked Lee and me - especially since we have been told that the feeding tube surgery won't be until the end of next week and then recovery will be a few days - so we are looking at being here at least another 2 weeks. She even went over when to schedule CPR for us and car seat training. I'm praying she comes back in a few days and goes over everything with us again! I think I was in too much shock about the discharge information to adequately listen to what she was saying!! Today, Carmen, another surgery nurse came by to check on Elle. I told her I was worried about how pale she was. Carmen looked at me and said "well - you're pretty pale yourself!" I just had to laugh because I realized I haven't been outside for an extended period of time in the last 5 weeks. The bad part about being on 15 in a private room is that someone has to be in the room with Elle at all times - which means that I can't leave her during the day unless one of our parents is with her or Lee is here. Being with her 24/7 as opposed to 16/7 will take some getting used to!! The great thing about the 15th floor is that we can hold Elle without having to ask to be sure it's ok. She is only attached to the monitors for her heart rate, oxygen level and breathing - so she can sit in daddy's lap all day long!


Jessica said...

Welcome to true motherhood! You will get used to the sleep deprivation. :)

Angie P.

Jim McCord said...

Thanks for the updates. You will probably be on information overload for a time, but I know from watching Austan and Melanie that it will be second nature here soon. We are praying for you guys and know that you are going to be great at all this as time goes on. See you soon.