Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009 - Elle had a wonderful night on Saturday night. Our favorite nurse was on duty for today as well so Lee and I decided to go to church. It was so good to wake up and get dressed in something other than jeans and to put make-up on. It's amazing that something as mundane as putting on makeup can make me feel so much better. Lee told me I looked like I was back to my old self! Church was wonderful - and I am so glad Lee and I went. One of the first songs we sang was "The Old Rugged Cross." This was one of my grandfather's favorite songs. It always reminds me of him and no matter what - it makes me smile. We headed up to the hospital after church. We got to the hospital after the doctors made their morning rounds. They decided to up Elle's feeding again to 100% of her body weight. She is going to be getting 36 cc every 3 hours. This was pretty much the only thing they changed for little Elle. Even though last night was bath night, Estrella, our nurse today, allowed me to give Elle another bath. She hated every minute of it - I felt horrible! Her little face was all scrunched up and she was silently screaming. I couldn't even look at the monitors to see what her hear rate was because I was afraid I would start crying! After her bath, Estrella and I wrapped her up and Estrella helped me put on her bow. I can't play dress up with her because she can't wear clothes right now - so I have to accessorize with the bows. Right now, the bigger the better! Elle is really starting to open her eyes and move around a lot more. I really think that since Elle was 3 weeks early - she is just now starting to "wake" up. Estrella let me hold our little angel for a little bit. Some of her monitors kept going off and it made me nervous. After a little more than an hour - I was starting to get really nervous - so Estrella put her back into her little bed. Elle was sleeping the whole time in my arms, but every now and then her PGE line would get kinked and start going off. Knowing that the PGE is keeping her heart functioning - I definitely didn't want that alarm to be going off! Lee and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching over our little one. She just recently found her legs and kept stretching them out. The picture looks a little funny because she is on her side all stretched out and her legs were kicking straight out. Every time Lee and I would put the blanket on her legs, she would kick it off. It provided us hours of endless entertainment! Tomorrow the surgery team will be meeting. We will find out what the plans are for the rest of the week - hopefully some time tomorrow.


Amber said...

She looks so precious in her bow. I am glad to hear that things are going well. I hope to come up and see yall soon.

annalee said...

BEAUTIFUL girl! those eyes are so precious.