Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Kidding Me!

Monday, April 6, 2009 - 4:43pm - I am in awe of the way doctors operate, but I am also thankful for the way they operate. Dr. Edmonds called about an hour ago to say that Elle is being bumped from surgery today. She will be having the surgery tomorrow. I am so thankful that he decided to bump her from surgery because he said his day had been too hectic. I definitely don't want an over-stressed, sleep deprived doctor to operate on my baby. I guess all doctors are over stressed and sleep deprived - but I am so glad he said his day had been too bad for him to do a surgery. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the big day and Dr. Edmonds will be able to perform the surgery later in the afternoon. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. While the waiting game is horrible, everything happens for a reason!


Meredith said...

Elle is in the hands of great surgeons. I am glad he is the type of surgeon who knows his daily limits of surgeries and bumped her. Sounds like you are in wise and wonderful hands at TCH and will be looking forward to the updates tomorrow.

Hug baby Elle from us please! The boys don't understand why we can't send her a Batman cape to wear in the NICU. They keep begging to send her one. So, let her know we'll send a SuperElle cape to her when she's finally at home with you guys!

Mark Lupher said...

I was somewhat relieved when Lee told me that the Dr. had postponed Little Elle's surgery till tomorrow but then was crushed when our son Austan texted us that Elle's cousin WitT's heart doctor at TCH said that his heart condition had worsened. I pray that GOD will look upon these two grandkids and keep their Grandmother Vickie strong as she loves both of her grandchildren and has spent many trips to TCH since WitT's birth in October 2008. We pray to keep Lee & Lisha and Mel & Austan strong in Gods plan for these 2 angels.

Love Big Daddy

cheryl said...

Lee and Lisha, God bless you, sweet friends! Lissie and I just sat here and read through your entire blog...Mel and Austan have kept our family updated but since I was finally home from the show I wanted to really get caught up. We are both reading through tears of sadness, joy, but mostly AWE. You two are so strong...your faith is inspiring! I have been praying for your precious Elle and will continue to do so. Know that you are all three loved and lifted in prayer by all of our family!
I continue to be amazed by the entire Lupher family...there is obviously a heritage of a deep, abiding faith that continues to thread through the generations...I have seen firsthand the incredible paternal strength in Austan that you also described in Lee...these Luphers are an awesome lot and we love them deeply!
May God bless and keep you!

amy johnson said...

I just read all of your blogs, oh my, what your family has been through!! I know you are bogged down with stress, information and emotions, but it sounds like your little lady is quite a fighter! The doctors and nurses at TCH are all amazing people, they are so compassionate to everyone, patients, parents and family alike. Don't you feel like you are in Houston for this hospital? I know we do!!! I look forward to the future updates and news of Elle's progress to become strong enough to handle the surgery's ahead so that before you know it she will be filling your house with love and sleepless nights!! She is absloutly gorgeous, I know you already know that! I hope that one day we can get together and when she is older she and Olivia can compare there "special boo boo's" that is what Olivia calls her scar!! We will keep your little princess in our prayers and can't wait to see more photos of her!!