Saturday, June 20, 2009

Popsicle Friday

Summertime isn't complete without a few Popsicles. Since Elle isn't old enough to eat them yet - she's content to wear them!

Friday marked the end of my first week back at work which was a very tough week for other reasons not work related. I can honestly say I was absolutely exhausted but I loved being back at work. My mom is watching Elle and I think each day got a little easier. Our next project is to outfit their house with baby gear so I don't have to pack up everything plus the kitchen sink every morning. When I was growing up, my dad referred to my mom's car as the traveling trashcan. I can totally understand where that phrase comes from because it seems that ever since Elle came into our lives, my car has turned into a traveling trashcan..maybe it's more like a traveling baby superstore. Everyone says that eventually it gets easier to walk out the door with the baby and all her gear - but I'm not there yet. The rough part of the week revolved around my darling husband. He hasn't been feeling himself lately so Monday and Tuesday night he spent doing a sleep study and Wednesday night he spent in the emergency room followed by a visit with his primary care physician for a physical and a visit to the cardiologist. There hasn't been any definite answers given yet other than he has sleep apnea and has to wear a CPAP at night. I could have told him that! We pray that his issues either correct themselves or the doctors are able to find something and fix it. I know he hates not feeling well and I hate it for him. He has been such a rock during our hospital stay and while we have been home. I think the stresses we all went through are finally catching up to him and affecting his body. I will say that after spending Monday and Tuesday night alone, I truly admire single parents and what they must go through everyday. I was only alone for a few hours and it was hell - the strength, wisdom and patience they have to have is astounding and gifts I absolutely find incredible.

Yesterday afternoon after I had gotten off of work my mom and I had a few errands to run. A few weeks ago I was having some serious issues with Elle's feeding pump. Don't get me wrong - I still hate that she has to have it, but yesterday I learned to appreciate it. Elle was eating her 3:30pm feeding and mom and I were ready to get our errands finished. We loaded Elle up and put her feeding pump in it's little back pack and off we went! It was so nice to just be able to get up and go even though she was eating. This machine does have its perks!

On a side note, please pray for our darling nephew, Witt. He is in the hospital right now hanging out with Elle's friends in cardiology. The doctors did a heart cath on Thursday and it seemed to have left more questions than answers. He is one tough little guy and is such a little fighter (and so are his parents)! You can follow him at

James 1:2

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of any kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance."

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