Friday, July 10, 2009

More pics from the weekend and a Visit with Dr. E

Elle (and her new bow) and Aunt Shannon on July 5, 2009

Elle and ViVi on July 5, 2009
Monday, July 6, 2009 we had a follow up visit with Dr. E - Elle's Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. I just knew for sure we would be scheduling Elle's second nose job at this visit because her breathing has become a little more labored. Poor thing sounds like she has a perma cold. She always sounds stuffed up. We made it to Dr. E's without too much trouble - we were right on time for our appointment and not late which was unusual! The first thing Dr. E had to do was put numbing stuff down Elle's nose so that her nostrils would become numb so he could put a scope down her nose. She hated it! She hates anything getting close to her nose - I think that stems from having a "nose ring" for 4 weeks and Lee and I constantly having to suction out her nose. By the way - those bulb things to get stuff out of kids nose and mouths do not work...I wish we had been given a suction machine when we left the hospital. While Dr. E was waiting on the numbing stuff to do its magic, he had to look in Elle's ears. Yet another thing she did not enjoy. I was holding down her arms and his assistant was holding her head. My poor baby was being run through the ringer! Finally, Dr. E looked down Elle's nose - the left side is still open and the right side actually looked a little bit better than it had a month ago. He feels that it is open enough to allow her to breathe and he feels that for the time being - we don't have to rush into surgery. That was such good news to hear. As much as I want her to breathe normally without all the snotty sounds - I don't want to push her into another surgery if she can function without it. We also talked about Elle's hearing. Surgery isn't an option to fix her hearing - so the order will be placed for hearing aids. My vote is still on the pink sparkle hearing aids! Dr. E said that once she gets her aids, she should be able to hear at about 80% which will be remarkable! After this whole tortuous doctor visit, my mom, Elle and I were walking out the door and she puked all over me and all over herself. Poor thing got so upset with all the poking that she made herself sick. Thank goodness for Dreft pens and Tide to Go pens is all I have to say about that! In other news, our precious nephew, Witt, will be having heart surgery tomorrow. Please pray for him, his mom and dad, his family, the surgeons, the nurses, and all the caregivers at TCH. I pray for their strength and peace during his operation and afterward. Please Lord, please protect and heal little Witt!

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